Injuries for Round 21

Alrighty. Let’s get one thing straight as we head into this week’s injury list. I’m a little toasty after being on a junket all day today, but ya boi Cam’s got this week covered in injuries.


Given that I’m on 21% battery, and slurring my speech, this article is going to go through a different format.


A new scale is being introduced for this week only. People will be rated on the amount of dead (fantasy season relative) that they are.


Mid-week Madness!

Toby Nankervis – Not dead

Given the Tigers are a lock for the top spot, it is no surprise that they are making sure the bumps and bruises are ironed out pre-finals.

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver



Bombers vs Saints

Oraziooooooooooo – Dead

Potential Waiver Pickup – Look for Darcy Parish to get extended minutes


Brendon Goddard – Dead

Potential Waiver Pickup – As above, but also look at Mr. McGrath to get the same.


Cale Hooker – Dead

Potential Waiver Pickup – Mitch Brown has been flogging his wares up forward but expect him to float back over the next couple of weeks, and Matt Dea is a chance to come back after a KO. Scans are due here and I expect Cale to be ruled out for the season.



Cats vs Hawks

Jarryd Roughead – Not dead.

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver


Rhys Stanley – Dead

Went from the ground in the second with a recurrence of a calf complaint. Won’t be seen again this fantasy season.

Potential Waiver Pickup – Hasn’t been popular, but Zac Smith is a must if the Cats are to try to scrape together something this season.


Cats Season – Dead

Even if they do pull the trigger on Zac Smith, they are doomed.



Suns vs Tigers

Michael Barlow’s Heart – Dead

Potential Waiver Pickup – You can see the exact moment his heart rips in two.


Will Brodie – Dead

Whomped a hammy before the end of the first half

Potential Waiver Pickup – Stay back yall.


Pearce Hanley – Dead

Whomped a hammy in the third quarter.

Potential Waiver Pickup – Stay back yall.



Power vs Eagles

Charlie Dixon – Dead

Potential Waiver Pickup – Jack Hombsch to come back in, with a reshuffle, potentially Jack Trengrove to get another run.


Paddy Ryder – Not dead

Guy can’t seem to finish a game this year. I would be looking to trade or waiver him to a more dependable ruck… and Lobbe might be that guy….*shudder*

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver


Dan Houston – Not dead

Went off in an uber, apparently nothing too bad after some scans.

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver



Lions vs Pies

Darcy Gardiner – Dead

Potential Waiver Pickup – Ryan Lester or Jacob Allison could be in line for a game, though I wouldn’t expect them to win you a prelim or final.



Crows vs Giants

Sam Reid – Dead

Whomped a hammy, should be done for the year.

Potential Waiver Pickup – Couple of good performers in the NEAFL, though the most likely is Harry Perryman


Josh Kelly – Not dead

KTFO when he was slammed into the turf.

Potential Waiver Pickup – I think he will get up and play next week. No waiver here.


Matt De Boer – Dead

Clearly not over his hammy whomp, and was withdrawn from the team pre-game

Potential Waiver Pickup – Daniel Lloyd had a day out in the two’s, scoring 6 goals to go along with a billion touches. Will go close to a run next week.


Heath Shaw – Dead

Went off with a knee injury that looked quite serious, may be a season ender, and at 32, potentially career ender.

Potential Waiver Pickup – Aiden Corr will go close, otherwise Jeremy Finlayson was decent in the NEAFL. Nathan Wilson is close, but probably not going to make it by seasons end.



Dogs vs Roos

Zaine Cordy – Dead

Copped a flying kick to the face which resulted in a Mortal Kombat-esque fractured skull. Pretty awful.

Potential Waiver Pickup – Tim English will go close, was decent in the VFL.



Demons vs Swans

Jayden Hunt – Dead

Reinjured his ankle from earlier in June.

Potential Waiver Pickup – Josh Wagner will likely come in for a rare appearance.


Alex Johnson – Dead

Good luck story turned devastating tale. Poor lad looks to have done another ACL.

Potential Waiver Pickup – Colin O is a chance for another call up. Darcy Cameron has been playing extremely well in the two’s and he may come in with a reshuffle.


Nick Smith – Dead

Potential Waiver Pickup – Dan Robinson may get the call up.



Dockers vs Blues

Luke Ryan – Not dead

Whomped his hammy, but played out the game

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver



Michael Walters – Dead

Potential Waiver Pickup – Pray for Fyfe, though if he isn’t ready we may say Pearce or the Giro.