Every couple of days in the lead up to the AFL season, we will be releasing an article profiling a few key players from each team, and why they should or shouldn’t be considered during your drafts.

Gun – Matt Crouch

As far as young guns go – Matt Crouch is an absolute Fantasy Jet. 2017 saw him truly breakout, coinciding with an Adelaide team that were near invincible. In that campaign he had 13 tons, 11 of which were over 110. He even showed that we haven’t yet seen his ceiling by posting a 150 in round 23.

Moving on to 2018, and things seemed to slow down a little for Matt – as with the rest of the Crows. The brainwashing in the preseason camp clearly changed him from a piglet to a chicken, and coupled with an injury, his output did not meet expectations.

Matt Crouch
Damn Hypnotists

As Dos has rightly pointed out in his recent article, he shook this off in round 13 for the rest of the season, going at an average of 115.2AF and 108.4SC from then on. Without his injury affected period, it ranks him in the top 4 Fantasy players of the year.

So when should you take him in draft?

Round 1, or early in round 2 if key positions are trending. Get him in, and lock away your 110+.

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 11

#Value – Tom Lynch

Talk about a bargain. Here’s a guy that is coming off his lowest average for a season in 4 years; 79.8AF and 80.4SC. Inconsistent, injured, inferior (alliteration yeh!) were all words used to describe the Crows last year (by me, all the time), and it clearly had an impact on the Fantasy output of some of their stars.

This output, and the fact that he has a somewhat forgettable face may see him slide this year in draft. To put it in perspective – and for those that only look at last years averages (you bloody scrubs), Tom Lynch would have been in a group with Dahlhaus, Alex Neal-Bullen, Matt De Boer. Whilst serviceable, this calibre of player can generally be found on the waiver in a 5-7-1-5-4 league.

Tom Lynch
Spot the Difference

You only have to look back to 2016 and 2017, where he managed to go at an average of 90.3AF and 90.8AF respectively. To put it in perspective, those scores would rank him has the 9th best forward from 2018. Imagine being able to pick up a potential 90 averaging forward for your F3 *drools*

Note: He is less relevant in SuperCoach, in the same two seasons going at 85.6SC and 87SC, with a career high of 91.

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 66

Tom Cruise Risky Business – Brad Crouch

I tried my best. I wanted to look past Brad Crouch as the risky pick for Adelaide, but as far as risky goes, he has to be the riskiest risk to ever risk. Perennially a pre-season favourite among fantasy footy pundits, Brad Crouch has lived up to the expectations placed on him once. Yep. That’s right. The rest of the time he was dead.

His 2018 was a complete write-off with Osteitis Pubis, which i’m pretty certain (and correct me if i’m wrong) is the name of an old wooden ship. It was misdiagnosed and subsequently incorrectly treated. When it was finally correctly diagnosed and surgery conducted it was the end of his 2018.

Brad Crouch's Fantasy Season 2018
Actual Footage of Brad Crouch’s 2018 Season

He’s only played more than 14 games once in his 5 year career, though has had a strong preseason (barring a one week setback), and although his history has risk written all over it his upside is tremendous and well worth the punt.

That time he met our expectations… it was glorious. He returned 10 tons in the regular season, including a massive 133 in the all important round 23, helping many coaches to a league title. For the year he played 17 games, going at an average of 103.1AF and 96.2SC

A wise man (well, a Fizz man) once said – “you’re only injury prone until you’re not.”

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 84

Do Not Draft – Cam Ellis-Yolman

Although Cam has a fantastic first name, as with every year he is destined to spend a lot of time in the SANFL. He sits down the pecking order in their underrated midfield, and will only see game time if there is an injury.

That being said – he knows how to put up a decent Fantasy score. In his 15 games last year, he broke the ton 3 times, with an additional 6 scores over 89. Couple this with Eddie saying he has had a blinder of a preseason and it might make you reconsider. Don’t. Don’t reconsider. Stop it. I see you there, reconsidering. Stop it.

Cam ellis yolman
Cam Ellis-Yolman 2019 Yearbook Photo

Don’t draft him, but keep an eye on the waivers if there is a serious injury in the Crows midfield.

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 229