A team on the rise is fun to watch and more importantly can give us some wonderful fantasy scorers, so here is three little treats for you out of the Lion’s den.


Finally, in the right place to fulfill his potential – Lachie Neale

2018: Games/22; Averages: AF/100, SC/112


Simply a reliable premium, who has played 108 out of a possible 110 games in the past 5 seasons.  He has averaged over a ton in all formats for the past four seasons and at only 25 that will continue for many years to come.


His elite season in AFL Fantasy is one to take note of, in 2016 Fremantle were without Nat Fyfe for most of the season.  From when Fyfe went down, Lachie not only became the leading tag target but also the main scorer for the dockers averaging 115 for the remainder of the season.  This scoring bump was because his role changed, no longer just the inside player, he became the link outside player and therefore his mark and kick tallies lifted.


Now moving to the Lions, he will not have to do all the heavy lifting and should simply replace the link up role held by Dayne Beams.  Therefore, his scoring is likely to be closer if not exceeding his 2016 season.


Little risk, with plenty of reward. Draft with confidence


Whitfield 2.0? – Hugh McCluggage

2018: Games/22; Averages: DT/78, SC/77


Normally when Dos mentions the phase “my boy” other than being a little bit creeped out again it also means you should avoid at all costs because he is picking them 3 years too early.  But in this case, he has it right.


A comparison with Lachie Whitfield is not far fetched and it will be interesting where he is used in the future as pace, skills and class is great on the wing but could also be very handy off the half back line, especially as Daniel Rich gets a little long in the tooth.


Yes, he has lost his forward status but that only makes him a real bargain in drafts and many will look at a midfielder averaging in the high seventies and avoid.  Heading into his third season and already has shown us a ceiling of 120+ he is set for a great break out season.


Don’t expect his scores to creep up like DOS, they will explode this year.



Keeper Treat – Cam Rayner

2018: Games/22; Averages: DT/59, SC/60


Generally, we need to be careful with our new recruits as often their junior numbers do not translate into AFL Fantasy scores.  He was compared to Dusty due to his burst athletic profile and of course the fact that he needed to build a tank.


His first season reflected his profile to perfection, although there were plenty of games that he made a limited impact as the season went on he showed that he is going to have a great ceiling.  22 games and 2 tons in year one is a great return as not many (including Dusty) do not hit triple figures in their debut year.


Due to his profile, power and current list of Lion’s midfielders it is highly likely that he will continue at least 35% in the forward line to retain his forward status for many years to come.


A real long-term keeper gem.