Gun – Jarrod Witts

At 26 years old and 80 games into his career, he is in his prime of his and clearly in the top five Rucks in the competition and likely to remain in that space for the next 3-5 years.

He also has the potential for growth and the return and fitness of two-meter Peter is key. Peter Wright will ensure that Jarrod can rest on the ground more often and get the occasional plus 12 from the goal square that was evident in his Collingwood days.

Do not panic about him being in a lowly ranked team, Stef Martin showed in 2015 that you can score well in that circumstance averaging 114 when the Lions finished in 17th position.

Although it is unlikely he will average over 100, we are still a little unsure how the new rules will affect the Rucks scoring power. Standing at 209cm he is unlikely to lose out either way and will provide little worry for owners.

Top 5 in any position is worthwhile to have in your team.

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 60

#Value –  Brayden Fiorini

Heading into his fourth season Brayden “DOS’s Boy” Fiorini is ready to become the premium we have been expecting since his amazing second game against Port Adelaide. Never before has an 18-year-old shown such a high ceiling, scoring 166 in only his second game.

Second game scores by fantasy stars: Dane Swan – 46, Tom Rockliff – 87, Tom Mitchell – 144, Scott Pendlebury – 83, Brodie Grundy 57, Patrick Dangerfield – 7, Jack Macrae – 25.

But don’t get sold on the argument it was just one score, in his first 25 games he has scored 10 Tons, so let’s look how many tons our fantasy stars made in their first 25 games: Dane Swan – 1, Tom Rockliff – 10, Tom Mitchell – 11, Scott Pendlebury – 1, Brodie Grundy 2, Patrick Dangerfield – 0, Jack Macrae – 6.

As you can see by his data he is tracking like an uber not just a premium, and for 2019 you will be able to pick a potential top tier mid in the 10th round.

Now we know that any player DOS is hot on should be a no-go zone for us all, but I will let you in on a little secret. He can pick a fantasy star but like most young men just goes a little too early. He lacks patience and tries to find the second-year breakout and as we know, they are rarer than finding a good panellist, eh Cam!

This is the year that you get a premium at a bargain price, great value. Enjoy.

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 108

Tom Cruise Risky Business – Pearce Hanley

This one probably explains itself, but there those promoting him as a value pick for 2019. This maybe because the perceived lack of defensive depth which I am not quite sure that is the case. In the Draft Doctors mock draft, the D5’s was quite impressive and included KK, Hibbo, Ryan Clarke, McDonald and Houston and all are capable of an 80+ average.

Yes, Pearce has a good scoring history, but that has not been the case in his time at the Suns and he has also found it hard to stay on the track. His totals for the past two seasons are absolutely garbage. Could you do it?

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 181

Do Not Draft –David Swallow

At 26 this should be the best years of a top draft picks career, but sadly it looks like injury is likely to ensure we never see him at his fantasy best, supposably a degenerative knee.

This has meant that his scoring has been limited to a max average of 85 over the past three seasons, his best run of games happened last year where he played 20 games. Although he still had two of these games where he sat the second half on the bench.

No one can deny he is a very talented player but an injury risk and unlikely to score any higher than mid-80s average he is not the worth the selection people will still be willing to pay for him which is in the 13th round so far this preseason.

Let your opposition collect him whilst you can pick Jacob Hopper, Hugh McCluggage, Jarrod Berry, Touk Miller, Anthony Miles and Dion Prestia who will all be available later in the draft.

I would only think about picking him up if he was still available when I am selected my bench spots, Round 22 onwards.

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 133

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