The expectations will be there. If GWS can get it together, they will be pushing for a premiership. They have the talent and structure to make it work, and there will be a lot of fantasy relevant players as well. So If GWS push from a flag, they may take a few of us along with them.

So who do you look at?

The back line is an interesting proposition as Heath Shaw, Zac Williams, and Lachie Whitfield will all be linking up through to the midfield with Kelly, Coniglio, Ward (alongside a few up and comers) pushing up forward to Toby Greene, Jeremy Cameron and The General Patton.

All the while, Shane Mumford will be giving up the boxing ring for an oval. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have a boxers… instincts.

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Didn’t take long for the big fella to line someone up.


Josh Kelly

2018 Average:
AFLF  108.4 |  113.8 SC

Josh Kelly does not have a ceiling. We’ve all heard commentators bending over backwards to jerk him off, and I’d love to be different….. But he’s such a dynamic, electric player. Boy oh boy, wowee. Pass the lube.

He gets the ball. Over 27 times a game last year in during the home and away season.

When he gets it, he kicks. Of the midfielders averaging 25+ touches, only Bryce Gibbs, Dustin Martin and Jared Polec have a higher K:H ratio.

A lot of those disposals end up in the forward 50, Kelly finished with the 3rd highest average for inside 50s.

He tackles. 5.4 per game, to be exact. That’s good for top 30 in the league, and 2nd at the Giants.

The amount of damage he can do off his left boot makes him better in SuperCoach, but he’ll put enough up in the stats to be a first rounder no matter what setup you play.

Pictured, the AFL media and fantasy outlets

Mock draft ADP
AFLF  5 | 4 SC


Jacob Hopper

2018 Average
AFLF  78.3 |  79.4 SC

Tim Taranto is seeing a lot of love based on his 2018 campaign, and the potential for triple digits in 2019. The hype train has left the station at full speed, Taranto is up around pick 80 in mock drafts for both formats. So drafting him will come down to who wants him most, as he should appear on most coaches shopping list.

Hopper, however, is way down around 160. So if you’re too slow on Taranto, there’s still hope. Shiel’s departure leaves a hole in the midfield, better suited to Taranto admittedly, but both young Giants should see an increase in responsibility as a result.

Hopper is enjoying an uninterrupted pre-season, and after a few years of injury he looks fit and has an increased midfield role on the table. Being drafted a year earlier, Hopper will want to keep up with the big numbers being put up by Taranto. He has the opportunity and the motivation to step up. So if you miss on Tarantino, hop on down and hope to get a similar output for a lower cost.

Mock draft ADP
AFLF  162 | 165  SC

Risky Business

Toby Greene

2018 Average
AFLF  67.4 |  72.6 SC

This man right here is the definition of risky business. Which AFL player is more likely to destroy his dads Porsche and turn his parents house into a brothel? I think we all know the answer.

“Everybody was kung fu fighting…”

Given he missed most of last year with foot and hamstring issues, before an injury to his ankle in the finals has wiped out a large chunk of pre-season, it’s safe to say he may not be at peak touch. Looking to the mock drafts, Toby has been a pretty wildly varying prospect, moreso than any other player going in the top 100 for both formats.

So when does Risky Business become reward? He has been creeping up the mock drafts, pushing from an mid-late 8th rounder in earlier mocks, into the 7th round. Some are willing to reach up a few rounds earlier just to nab him. This one comes to preference. He’s looking to play in JLT 2, so where he goes in drafts could be pretty heavily influenced there. Watch with interest. If someone reaches, be prepared to try a trade early in the year if he doesn’t come out swinging. I’d be looking to grab him a little earlier than the mocks.

Mock draft ADP
AFLF  78 | 81 SC

Do Not Draft

Jonathon Patton

2018 Average
AFLF  70.4 |  77.6 SC

Ruck/Forward status is nice. Patton is entering his prime age and has trimmed down to be in the best shape of his career. This makes him a really tantalising proposition.

A ruptured anterior cruciate ligament is a bit of a bummer, though.

Don’t expect to see to see him until the end of May, and not having played since round 15 2018, he may come in a little rusty. You’d be better off having a free bench spot to pick up the surprise players on waivers, over carrying the General for 8+ rounds only for him to be a little disappointing.

Unless you’re tanking

Mock draft ADP
AFLF  248 | 187 SC