Gun – Clayton Oliver

2018 AVG: 109AF | 114.6SC

I think going into this season, people knew he was once again going to be an absolute monster, but had some question marks around the stability of his shoulders. Shoulders are the most complex joint in our body, and having two reconstructions in the off-season should spell bad ju-ju for Clay Clay.

I think JLT1 has put any fears to rest as he came out with an absolute bang, scoring about a billion points, with 17 contested possessions. One former “legend” coming out after and said that he has the potential to be the GOAT, which is a massive endorsement for a kid entering his 4th year.

The only concern is his handball happy gameplay style, but when you have the tank to combine it with hugs, who cares?!

Lock him in.

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 19

#Value –  Angus Brayshaw

2018 AVG: 105.1AF | 97SC

How is Angus value? Firstly, Angus meat is like, delicious. And you can get it at woolies now which is great.

Tasty AF

But secondly, Angus Brayshaw showed signs of breaking in to rare pig territory last year, and he has done nothing to squash that with the first 150 of the year… albeit in JLT1.

He just finds the ball at will, and then actually uses his feet to dispose of it. His Handball:Kick ratio in JLT1 was 1:3.1 which is unheard of for a mid. It won’t remain this high throughout the season, but it really shows that his intent is to kick the ball whenever he can.

Also, how or why would any opposition tag him? Viney and Clay Clay are going to cop the tags each week, leaving this guy to just rack them up.

So back to the original question, how is Angus value? You are probably going to be able to get him in round 2, or as the ADP suggests, round 3! Which is crazy for someone who may average 120+, and absolute value. Especially at the lower end of the order if you have picked a Lloyd or Laird, and grab him on the way back.

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 24

Tom Cruise Risky Business – Jack Viney

2018 AVG: 91.4AF | 92SC

Eh. Breaks the ton in 2016, then follows it up with an injury affected 2017, and a similar 2018. I can see why people would consider him as value at the back end of the draft, but i’m just convinced he has the style of game that will be successful under the new rules. That being said, if he gets back to his best, he can be a valuable asset to any team.

Is he worth the risk? Where should you take him? The current Mock Draft ADP has him going at 122, which is probably about right. By then you should be hoping to finish off your midfield, or even start a bench pick which is the perfect spot. If he comes back to a ton, you’re laughing, if not, settling for 90 is fine.

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 122

Do Not Draft – Kade Kolo…Kolojas…Koloasldkhjf?

2018 AVG 67.5AF | 67SC

Someone falls for him every year. Let’s just look at the stats right.

Highest career average of 85.8.

His last two seasons he has played 19 games TOTAL.

I just don’t know why anyone would bother? He is going at an ADP of 115 at the moment because people are still thinking he can get back to 85.8, but why not pick someone who will at least benefit from the new kickin rule? Or actually play? Yuck.

Disco Stu, doesn’t Kolodojfggspolkdfj

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 115

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