Port Adelaide are in a period of transition it seems. Some good veteran talent is getting older, and some exciting players may be a little too young to make up the difference, then throw in the loss of key players. This year could be telling.

So many midfielders and limited midfield spots. How they set up and split time is everything for our fantasy teams. This is a real ‘watch the JLT’ type of team, with all the question marks.

Most of the article was written by the time JLT 1 rolled around for the Power, so here’s some quick impressions:

  • Boak could be the biggest beneficiary of midfield changes. He seemed to be involved in quite a bit around the ground. Not being captain could spur him onto focus on playing his best footy.
  • Ebert looks like playing a bit of forward. Drop him in your rankings accordingly. If your league adds DPP mid season, could become a forward.
  • Gray also played a hefty chunk forward, but coming off a sore knee he may be playing to get a bit of touch. Got a few possessions through the midfield. Look for improvement in JLT 2.
  • There was some really low scores. Seems the heat may have got to them and they just couldn’t be bothered in the second half until the last 10 minutes when they tried to snatch it. Don’t look too far into the individual scores without having a look at the game or some highlights.
  • Zak Butters. I’ve got Sam Mayes pegged for a wing spot, but this bloke looks the goods and could very easy make the R1 team opposite Mayes. Just what Port needs to replace Polec. He’s pure mid however, which will make it hard for him to impact fantasy teams this year. A keeper option.
He’s come a long way since his childhood in South Park


Robbie Gray

2018 Average:
AFLF  84.3 |  96.8 SC

This was Ollie Wines year to take over, and he may yet finish the season as Port Adelaide’s top player. But a dislocated shoulder and a round of surgery later, he’s been sent down the draft rankings without supper to think about what he’s done, and whether he might enjoy a more civilised hobby than wakeboarding. Like knitting, or sitting still in a lounge chair.

Chad Wingard’s departure opens up an avenue for Gray to spend more time in the midfield. The Chad was great in the midfield post-bye, and Port are sorely lacking in skillful players in the middle, as Polec has also moved for greener pastures at norf. Robbie has the opportunity to spend a little more time with the ball and Port will almost certainly need him to.

He’s on the wrong side of 30, so there’s always concerns of regression and injury, yet after a bout of AFLX-itis (knee soreness) Gray is lining up a game in the JLT. He won’t reach his peak of 95+ in Fantasy and 110 in SuperCoach, but he’s still the best player the Power has, with a clean bill of health and a good role we’ll see him push up the 2018 numbers slightly.

Maybe Ollie could try bird watching at the Murray, instead? Jack Watts will tag along.

Mock draft ADP
AFLF  57 | 32 SC


Tom Rockliff

2018 Average
AFLF  82.7 |  74.8 SC

I assumed this man would be risky business. It seems I’m not alone, many drafting in the mock draft have genuine concerns over the past fantasy king, piggy Rockliff. That’s not to say the fears aren’t warranted; 2018 was the worst year for Rockliff owners since his rookie year. Joining the Power, he struggled with finding a role and staying 100% healthy. Rocky was even sent to the 2s for a stretch.

How soon we forget. If your league was trashing Rockliff (and the person that drafted him) there could be hesitation come draft time. With his ceiling being over 3 figures, the risk of losing a 10th-12th round pick on an under performing Rocky make it feel worthwhile. This is a relatively high risk, make no mistake. But there’s a lot of reward here.

He’s not going to play every game, only doing so once in the 10 seasons he’s played. He’s not going to be the most consistent player you draft, as Port Adelaide are flinging players around the ground just to see what sticks. But if he settles in the right spot. If the injuries are just niggles and 1 weekers. If Rocky gets going….

Long live king piggy.

There’s a pig at full forward? Get in the mids!

Mock draft ADP
AFLF  103 | 124  SC

Risky Business

Justin Westhoff

2018 Average
AFLF  101.9 |  101.2 SC

An interesting case, when you compare averages and mock position across formats. While the average is essentially the same, Westhoff is going 20 places higher in AFL Fantasy. Stranger still, the Hoff has traditionally been a better SuperCoach scoring player. Going back to 2010, only last year did his Fantasy average eclipse his SuperCoach output.

Forwards are a little more valuable in Fantasy, with the top 30 Fantasy forwards going 13 places higher in Fantasy than those same players in SuperCoach, while the top 30 SuperCoach forwards are only going around 3 places higher in SuperCoach. With that said, let’s look more at the player.

Regardless of format, Westhoff just had his best year at the ripe old age of 31, and is no guarantee to back it up. The Hoff is a known utility and should the Power need him to play a less fantasy friendly role, it could be a real hassle. Given his proclivity for SuperCoach scoring, AFL Fantasy coaches should be wary about how Westhoff lines up for Port Adelaide. Any changes, like those due to the addition of Scott Lycett, could mean that Westhoff is given fewer chances to provide a chop out in the middle, stuck either end of the ground looking for freedom.

Where will you find him?

Mock draft ADP
AFLF  36 | 54 SC


Sam Mayes

2018 Average
AFLF  57.8 |  56.2 SC

This man is so under the radar he hasn’t been drafted in a SuperCoach mock yet! It may be for good reason, however. Mayes best year was an average of 80 back in 2017, when he played in defence at the Lions. Struggling with form last year, Mayes only managed 6 games in the improved Brisbane outfit, and asked Brissy to look into heading home to SA.

A fresh start at Port and perhaps a role on the wing makes him a tantalising prospect. Polec’s departure is good for Mayes if he proves himself in pre-season. He played on a wing in the intraclub match and JLT 1 (only 4 kicks, however), so watch JLT 2 closely.

The productivity of a wing player, that you can play as a defender elevates his value. If you’re running a 10+ team league, Mayes is certainly worth taking a flyer in the last round (maybe even paired with Cam’s sneaky end of draft pick), and sitting him on the bench.

Mock draft ADP
AFLF  274 | N/a SC