Every now and then we’re lucky enough that one of our amazing listeners feels like penning an article and shoots it through, perhaps to be published, perhaps not. This is the case with The Fossil’s tips and tricks piece.  We did put out our annual Tips and Tricks podcast earlier in the preseason if you’re new to the #brand, but since a lot of new drafters have come on board we thought it appropriate to publish this nice refresher since we’re in the heart of draft season.  Enjoy!

Fossil’s Fantasy Draft Tips

Fantasy drafts can be extremely exciting, rewarding and plenty of fun, however, they can also be stressful, heart palpitating and become a reactive process. After listening to the Draft Doctors lads for the last few years I thought I would write down a few tips that help me each season and offer them up to the boys to rip apart on the pod or post up on the website for everyone to check out.
5. Set up a tiering system. This may be foreign to some, but experienced drafters will be all over it. Rank players in tiers that you are happy that if a player you want goes, you can grab another in the same tier which you are happy to do so. E.g. If you have Wingard, Greene, Lambert and Lynch (ADE) in tier 2 and you are wanting to grab a forward but all before you have grabbed them except Greene, grab him and don’t look back. It stops you searching or just grabbing the next in line. Further to this, if all your tier 2 forwards are gone, but you have a tier 2 defender like Williams available you can grab him and settle on a tier 3 forward in the next few selections.

4. Have a strategy that is flexible. Don’t lock yourself in to select certain positions with
certain picks as this will make you miss out on sliders and sleepers. By all means back a
system in place, but if Heeney is available at Rd 5 and your strategy says take a mid like
Steele, Zorko or Selwood, you need to weigh up the difference to these guys compared to a Heeney with forward status. Go in with a strategy, however, let the draft dictate a little to how you go.

3. Don’t draft breakouts and underpriced players too early. Plenty of time to grab these guys late in the draft and if others grab them early then it opens up the door for a tried and true player for you to grab. For example, Andy McGrath has been touted more mid time and was taken in round 6 in our draft as someone’s D2, I grabbed Savage as my D2 in round 12 and I see them averaging similar numbers this year.

2. Don’t tack on to a run of positions. Drafts have a tendency to chase positions as they keep getting selected. What I mean by this is if defenders start going off the table, people seem to think they need to grab the next available so they don’t miss out. This opens the door to grab other positions that may be of more value. For example, our recent draft went early on defenders which meant I grabbed some great mids through the 5-10 rounds and grabbed some handy defenders later. Look to buck the trend and you can get some great value elsewhere.

1. Draft a durable and stress free side. “Where is the fun in this?” I hear you ask. It is a long season so if you draft a lot of players that are coming back from injury, break outs or are injury prone you will continually be making changes to your side. If you have selected a few of these types of players, be sure to select some durable, reliable players to compliment them. So if you have picked up Fyfe, B Crouch and Greene early in your draft, you will need to look at selecting players who historically play 22 games for your next few selections.

Other helpful tips:

– Bait your opponents to grab someone. E.g. Ask if a player you don’t want is still
available just a few picks before your pick in the hope they grab them and not the
player you have in mind.
– Keep a record of what positions you have filled. Sounds simple, but many drafters
end up with too many of one position before filling the others.
– Ensure you are up to date with all injuries.
– Be careful of JLT hype. Use the JLT to solidify your rankings and ensure players are
playing the same role. Remember that coaches will try things in JLT, some players
will be missing which will raise others mid time not giving you a real indication of the
season proper.

The season is not necessarily won at the draft, it can be lost though. Have a couple of
frothies and enjoy it. Make your first 10 selections count and then look for breakouts. Once the draft is done, look for players you think may be in the free agency pool that were overlooked and also players that you could potentially trade for and enquire. Go to work early and set your season up!!