Gun – Jake Lloyd

It is hard to go past Jake Lloyd for the Sydney Gun, clearly a top 6 defender and most likely will battle for the top point scoring position with Rory Laird.  It is no surprise that he is consistently drafted in the first round with tier one defenders and forwards at a premium.

The fact is that if you pick him up mid to late in the first round their will still be a captain option mid available on the way back in the second round, with little to no risk.

In his five seasons he has been a model for consistently improving his output, starting from the low 60’s in 2014, incrementally improving to 101.6 last year.

Although I do not expect him to have another 10-point rise, unless injury strikes I would suspect him to rise to a 105-average gaining a slight bump from the kick in rule.  How the 6/6/6 rule will play out for those defenders that have made space easy is an interesting question, but my money is the good ones (Laird, Lloyd and Whitfield) will make it work.

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 6

#Value –  Ryan Clarke

There has been hype previously, but we quickly forget if the promise is not delivered.  This 21-year-old (yes just 21) was already shown he has great fantasy chops with 5 tons in his first 40 games, playing mainly in defence.  This is the reason he made the top 10 of the best keeper players under 22.

Moving to a club that has changing the guard he will have the ability to also get some mid rotations where he will be able to show his ball winning ability.  If his previous ceiling evidence and his JLT form is anything to go by then he looks like a quality D3 at the cost of a D5 selection with an ADP in Round 18.

Heading into his fourth season, already showed he can score, new club that will give him the opportunities.  Invest and reap the rewards!

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 175

Tom Cruise Risky Business – Lance Franklin

We know pound for pound he his arguably the best player in the competition and he has one massive ceiling, but age and injury is making him more inconsistent unfortunately and at the price you must pay for him (Round 4-5) this is a major risk reward factor.

The Risk:  He is already starting the season with an injury.  At 32 his age makes his body more likely to sustain an injury.  In the past three seasons we are starting to see an increase in his sub 70 scores.

The Reward:  He can win you a round with a blinding game with a ceiling of 170 plus, almost the ultimate loop hole option with the Swans having 6 Thursday/Friday games this year.

I would quite happily have him in my team but from Round 8 onwards, so someone else is more likely to have the risk factor as the name is still big.

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 34

Do Not Draft – Jarryd McVeigh

It is always hard when we say farewell to our footy stars, the majority of times we have already farewelled them from our fantasy teams well and truly before the actually career is over.  Although the name always seems to draw someone in your league to draft them, Jarryd is very much in this position.

We should not need to say more than he played 19 games in the 2004 season, yes 15 years ago, 4 years before Dos was born.  Hopefully we can see him play 300 games this season, but it should not be in your side. His currently ADP is in the 14th round and for a player who has not averaged over 80 since 2016 and only averaged 16 games in the past three seasons.

This one is quite simple, previously a second tier defender who is still a quality player but no longer in fantasy and should be on your waiver wire, maybe stream for bench on a match basis but that is it, not an D4 like his ADP suggests.

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 135

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