Gun – Jackson Macrae

Not much needs to be said about Jack Macrae. The guy has been a fantasy stud since the start. In just his second year of AFL footy when most players a finding their feet, Macrae went on to average 100 in both forms of fantasy footy.

As the 2nd highest averaging player overall in AFL Fantasy and 4th in SuperCoach he looks set to continue his high scoring ways and take the number 1 midfielders spot this year.

Macrae is a ball magnet who can play both inside and outside and was consistently attending the centre bounces in 2018. If a tag does come his way, Luke Beveridge can move him to a wing or forward to break the tag, but I’m confident the tags will go to JJ or Lachie Hunter like they did in 2018.

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 1 AFL Fantasy / 2: SuperCoach

#Value –  Tom Liberatore

Not even 1 full game for ‘Libba’ as he went down with an ACL early in the first round in 2018. Libba has shown he has the chops to be a very good fantasy scorer as the main clearance winner at the Dogs. Whether this is set to continue in 2019, as we know ‘Bevo’ likes to play players out of position remains to be seen.

In the JLT series, Libba scored a ton in the first week predominantly playing midfield, but in JLT 2, it was Dunkley who played more mid time as Libba spent time up forward. When looking to draft Libba his ADP suggests that he will be a late round lottery pick who you hope pops as that M7/ bench player.

I’m more in favour of picking Libba in the SuperCoach formats rather than AFL Fantasy purely for the fact that contested ball is counted to the score of a player. Having said that if he can average you a 90+ in both formats you’ll very happy on that return with a late pick

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 187 AFL Fantasy / 166 SuperCoach

Tom Cruise Risky Business – Josh Dunkley

As a Bullldogs fan, I really like the way Dunkley goes about his footy. As a fantasy player I’m concerned because he plays for the Bulldogs and have no idea how Luke Beveridge is going to play his players each week.

In the 2nd half of 2018, Dunkley was moved into the middle when McLean was injured and set the fantasy world on fire. In that time he went on score 7 tons in both formats at an average of 111 SuperCoach and 108 AFL Fantasy. These numbers are great for a guy who had forward status but we also can’t ignore the first half of the season where he averaged 77 SuperCoach and 81.5 AFL Fantasy.

With such a high ADP you will be spending a high pick on a guy you are expecting to replicate the 2nd half of 2018, but it could turn out that he’s scoring like he did at the start of 2018 and will be seen as a bust pick with others drafting consistent scorers round him. I’m happy for this to be someone else problem come draft day.

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 15 AFL Fantasy / 26 SuperCoach

Do Not Draft – Matt Suckling

This guy can score when he’s on the park, but when you start talking achilles injuries its hard to start him in your team. Suckling signed a 1 year contract which ends in 2019.

The Dogs brought in Hayden Crozier who flourished when Suckling was out injured last year. In the JLT it seams that the Dogs want to continue using Crozier as the man who runs the ball out of defence as the new rules have shown us over the JLT that precision kicking and use of the ball seems to be the way to go in 2019.

Throughout the JLT, Suckling was used more forward as he still has a thumping kick but not very accurate so not only the Dogs but all teams will be looking to retain possession and keep turnovers to a minimum, which might mean that Suckling is used as backup in 2019 and not seeing much game time.

Mock Draft Simulator ADP: 88 AFL Fantasy / 91 SuperCoach

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