A big first time entrant on to this list to get things cracking. Someone we all rely on – either in the past, present, or potentially in the future. Someone who is always there with us in the good times and the bad; wowing us with 150’s and disappointing us with -3’s. Thats right, i’m looking at you, WARNE DOG errrrr… CHAMPION DATA! Way to leave us all in limbo on Sunday afternoon. I think you may have added the stats wrong when services returned as well, because I seem to have lost in just about every league im in. You bastards, it’s all YOU’RE fault.


Pies vs Tigers

As a recent dad, I can empathise with this. JROO clearly had been holding little Seamus (working title) a little too much with one hand, and injured his wrist against the Pies. Tom Browne tried to give us a #eXcLuSiVe by saying he would be out for a long time, but ACTUAL news has come in reporting this will only be a 3-4 weeker.

  • Prognosis – 3-4 weeks
  • Relevant Waiver – Hold for now. Richmond have a bunch of options, though none are really fantasy friendly, and neither is the role.

Swans vs Crows

Big Sauce, who has been described as a lumbering lurch by a “prominent” figure in the “media” *cough cough DOS cough cough*, landed awkwardly in a marking contest and left the field to get his knee strapped. He basically sat out the third quarter, but later returned. He should be fine for next week.

  • Prognosis – No issue
  • Relevant Waiver – No waiver

[404 not found] vs St Kilda

For the second week in a row, the same team hasn’t shown up for their game, giving St Kilda a bye.

There were a few little niggles to Stringer, Rowan Marshall, and Mcgrath, though all are expected to be right next week.

Power vs Blues

I know I used the “it later turned out to be a broken leg.jpg” last week… but… for Jack Watts this week it was true. Fibula and ankle dislocation is the official diagnosis, which is far more official than my “it really isn’t supposed to bend that way”

  • Prognosis – Season
  • Relevant Waiver – A couple of defenders waiting in the wings in Hamish Hartlett and Old Man Broadbent (OMBB). Wait until teams are announced – both might come in.

Pre-season pin up boy Charlie Curnow landed awkwardly in a contest and will be sent for scans early in the week. Word out of Carlton is they are hopeful it is bone bruising, and not something more serious.

  • Prognosis – 3-4 weeks
  • Relevant Waiver – Chance of a reshuffle and Marchbank to play his first game of the year

Cats vs Demons

Jack Henry has whomped a hammy and played absolutely no part in the second half. Not that it really mattered.

  • Prognosis – 3-5 weeks
  • Relevant Waiver – Lachie Henderson will get the nod, though isn’t fantasy/supercoach relevant.

On his return from a suspension, Steven May sustained a groin injury in the second term, and later sat out the final term. Ended up being great news for Christian Salem owners, as May had a massive impact on his defensive minutes.

  • Prognosis – 2-4 weeks
  • Relevant Waiver – Josh Wagner will probably get the call up; terrible waiver option though

Giants vs Eagles

A few different niggles in this one with Duggan, Taylor (who?), and Phil Davis suffering knee, hammy and eye issues throughout. All are expected to play next week.

North vs Lions

Marley Williams hobbled off in the last quarter with an ankle issue, though it really doesn’t excuse the paltry score, or the shit haircut.

  • Prognosis – Just Cuts – 1-2 weeks
  • Relevant Waiver – I was a little shocked that Mason Wood was dropped this week, I would expect him, Ahern and maybe the Goaterson (if returning) to replace. The latter 2 might be worth a cheeky pickup.

Trent Dumont went missing before the game, much like he does in the game anyways.

  • Prognosis – 1-2 weeks
  • Relevant Waiver – As above

Hawks vs Dogs

Firstly, a big shoutout and last mention for Liam Picken who has been forced to retire due to ongoing concussion symptoms.

  • Prognosis – 1-2 career
  • Relevant Waiver – No waiver

Two Hawks hammy’s hampered (alliteration yo!) the side, with Shiels and the Silk going down in the 3rd and 4th quarters respectively. Waiting on scans, for both but I wouldn’t expect either of them back in the next few games.

  • Prognosis – 3-5 weeks
  • Relevant Waiver – If Cousins is still there, jump on, because you have to think he will hold even with Wingard coming back. Ricky Henderson and Dan Howe (if named) also smokies.

Suns vs Dockers

Mah Boi GHS’s back was feeling a little sore as he tried to himself up from that shithouse performance the week before. Unfortunately, no one can lift anything that heavy and he was forced to miss the matchup with back soreness.

  • Prognosis – 1-2 weeks
  • Relevant Waiver – Bowes looked the beneficiary of more midfield time in GHS absence – could be sitting on your waiver listed only as a mid