Normally run by the man himself, Steve Fizz has allowed me to step up to his Dozen Deals article. We’ll continue to use BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD or DROP. With a view based on a 10 team 22 player roster, buy, sell, drop, and hold will apply to players that will generally be owned, while add will go for those you may find on the waiver wire.

That was a rather disastrous week. There was a few players that appeared last week that I may have cursed. Jack Riewoldt is now out for 4 weeks, the whole season for Watts. Meanwhile, Jack Lonie just couldn’t find it. Might have to be a complete Jack off here.

I’d also like to take credit (and apologise) for Lachie Weller. Some may see that I said to drop him last week .This seems to have lit a fire under him and spurred him on a respectable score this week. He is still in that back pocket and went stretches without finding the ball, so tread carefully. If he can back up this weeks performance, he may end up in the ‘sell’ column.

DROP – Jack Watts

This is a sad day. The man is officially cursed. Just when it seemed like Jack Watts may have found a suitable role and was actively producing, he has dislocated his right ankle and broken his fibula. Pour one out for the homie.

HOLD – The Blonde Bombshell

Isaac Heeney is a gun. That’s all there is to it. Whether you’re worried about his forward time or a #HorseOut supporter, Heeney is simply too talented for these scores to continue. Even if he sits at a 50/50 split mid/fwd, expect 95+. John Longmire has said Heeney is battling an ankle injury, so hold tight. His time will come.

ADD – Chris Mayne

First week Jack Watts, this week Chris Mayne. If you’re playing AFL Fantasy or UF, load up on Collingwood players. They are going to be quite accommodating to fantasy coaches. Spreading the ball around, Chris Mayne will look to take plenty of marks and kicks as they lollygag around the half back and up the wings.

Sidenote: SuperCoach only allocates 3300 points per game. So these numbers will be ‘normalised’ somewhat. Playing against low fantasy scoring Richmond may have boosted the pies SC numbers this past week.

BUY – Elliot Yeo

Really disappointing numbers from the second/third rounder. Yeo’s fantasy owner may be worried about his numbers. He was hampered with a toe injury early in the pre-season and was on a modified program. Take a long term view on him. I’d swing an offer and see how you go.

DROP – David Mundy

Hopefully this works as well as it did with Lachie Weller. David Mundy you scrub, get it together.

Note: But really, HOLD. He’s still in the midfield, just had a woeful day. Couldn’t find it, and when he did, butchered it; kicking at 17%! Hold tight, law of averages will bring him back soon.

SELL – Brad Hill

With Freo’s opening 2 games, there was great opportunity to score. They may not slow down so much, however they play the invigorated Saints at Optus this Sunday. After which, Freo have West Coast, GWS, Bulldogs, Adelaide, and Richmond. A tough slog. Float his name around and see if there’s interest after he blitzed the first two games.

HOLD – Jack Billings

This might be more of a ‘salary game’ problem but there are those out there who have been disappointed with Billings’ output. Those bean counters aren’t enjoying his price to performance ratio. His kicking efficiency on Saturday was a woeful 46.2% and he had 5 clangers. Feels like those numbers are an outlier, and should improve as he gets comfortable and improves his decision making. Main thing is, he’s racking em up, leading the Saints in the first 2 games.

Clean it up, Jack.

ADD – Daniel Howe

Should get the call up this week as Burgoyne and Shiels seem destined to miss. Played 50 games and was used as a run with player for he Hawks. Could be a Jack Steele-lite. 4.8 tackles per game is above average. If he can lift that number and get a few more contested possies, watch his average push high 80s.

ADD – Alex Sexton

4 goals, 5 behinds. The man took 9 shots on goal. That in itself is ridiculous. He is in a miniscule amount of leagues, but being picked up fast. In his eighth season, yet he’s somehow only just over 25! His average was trending towards 70 in the back half of last year and he plays game 100 on Sunday. A nice speculative add in 12+ team leagues.

SELL – Tom Stewart

Similar to Brad Hill, Stewart has had opponents that suited him. Just look at Melbourne’s inside 50 count. They bombed it in with abandon, leaving Stewart to clean up and rack em up deep. Adelaide, GWS, Hawthorn, and West Coast are coming up. Some teams that can be clean and efficient putting the ball forward. Which isn’t to say Stewart will be poor, but if he is forced to defend a little more it could slow his production. His schedule frees up a bit after that. If you want to sell, now’s the time.

ADD – Jordan Roughead

Can be played as a ruck or forward. However, he actually plays as a tall defender for the Pies. Collingwood were keen to switch the ball against Richmond, and Rough was the deepest player, cleaning up with 13 marks and 15 kicks. Should have a decent scoring floor in AFL Fantasy.

DROP – Orazio Fantasia

While he does get short stints in the midfield, it’s getting crowded in there. The Bombers also haven’t looked inspiring going forward. While I expect they, and Orazio, will improve it seems too much to ask for him to get that average above 80. Roughead may work out a more consistent option, somehow.