This week’s injury report is going to be short and sweet. The new season of Game of Thrones has started and I need to crack on through all prior seasons before starting this season and SOMEHOW avoid spoilers in the meantime. God help you if you spoil anything for me.

Pre-meditative injury report add to for running their annual article on piracy post Game of Thrones premiere.

Quick shout-out to the 4 readers of the injury report from Portugal. Tudo bem?

Swans vs Demons

This was a super tough game, but there’s probably only one injury that might keep someone out for a week, with Oscar McDonald suffering a concussion.

  • Prognosis – 1 week
  • Relevant Waiver – Neville Jetta will probably come back into the side after missing this week.

Pies vs Dogs

Oh MAYNNEEEEE. Talk about SNAP BACK TO REALITY. Chris Mayne literally has fractured his back in an incident with Mitch Wallis. Initially believed to be a corkie, it’s now being reported by Bucks that he is likely to sit out a few weeks.

  • Prognosis – 3-6 weeks
  • Relevant waiver – Daniel Wells is listed as a forward, and returned from his lisfranc in the VFL. Likely on every waiver, and should get the call up to replace the outside run Mayne has been providing.

Cats vs Giants

Just like this report, Callan Wards season has been completely cut short.

  • Prognosis – Season
  • Relevant waiver – They got stomped in the two’s this week. I think Tobes should return. Maybe try and get a buy-low trade from a frustrated owner. Statesman mate, you could buy low!

Bombers vs Lions

David Myers was more reminiscent of a Michael Myers victim after copping a flying kick from Eric Hipwood. Blood. Should be ok though.

  • Prognosis – Halloween 19: ESSENDON’S SEASON (Yes I know that they won against a team that I think will be in the top 8, but still work with me here ffs)
  • Relevant waiver – No waiver

Tigers vs Port

Do we add Ken Hinkley? I reckon even Carlton would have been in with a shout vs Richmond this week. There’s actually no concerns from either team this week.

Crows vs Roos

Chayce Jones failed the concussion protocol after copping a late whack from Luke McDonald in the first quarter.

  • Prognosis – 1 week
  • Relevant waiver – Was probably going to be dropped for Bryce Gibbs, Hugh Greenwood, and Jacobs to come into the side. Greenwood should be on a few waivers and put up huge numbers on the weekend in the SANFL.

TBH I can’t believe it took 4 rounds to write about Brad Crouch. It almost isn’t fair, but it looks like he has copped a broken schnoz from an errant elbow. Conflicting reports about cut + stitches vs break at the moment. Hoping he won’t miss.

  • Prognosis – No Issue
  • Relevant waiver – No waiver

Dockers vs Eagles

Lewis Jetta was a late out but should be ok for next week.

  • Prognosis – No issue
  • Relevant waiver – No waiver

Joel Hamling was ruled out after a 2nd quarter hit left him concussed, and is likely to miss a week. Will put a massive strain on the defensive stocks of Freo

  • Prognosis – 1 week
  • Relevant waiver – Remember Ethan Hughes? Ross Lyon once compared him to Nat Fyfe lol. It’s pretty risky, but maybe for a stream… maybe.

Nathan Wilson has been putrid from a fantasy perspective this year, and sat out the last term with a suspected hammy whomp.

  • Prognosis – 2-3 weeks
  • Relevant waiver – See above, but it’s pretty stank. Nat Fyfe will take one of these spots as well.

Suns vs #BoltsOut#

Wil Powell was KTFO by old mate Setterfield, in one of those tackles where it’s kind-of-like “what else could he have even done to prevent that.” Either way, he’ll miss.

  • Prognosis – 1 week
  • Relevant waiver – Ma Boi GHS on the way back in! Here we go guys! reported that Mitch McGovern left the field looking a little ginger. I can’t believe they’re removing gingers these days.

  • Prognosis – Discrimination – No issue
  • Relevant waiver – No issue

Hawks vs St Kilda

Well FUARK. Just when you think you’re almost done writing, this fucking game comes along and ruins everything.

Quick Fire:

  • Mckenzie (who dat?) – Concussion – 1 week – Dunstan, Nick Hind both very strong in the VFL.
  • Omeara – Left hip – 1 week – no waiver
  • FRAWLEY IN MY SKINNNNNNN, THESE HAMMY’s THEY WONT HEALLLLL – 2-3 weeks – Kaiden Brand should get the call up.
  • Stratton – Concussion – no waiver