Normally run by the man himself, Steve Fizz has allowed me to step up to his Dozen Deals article. We’ll continue to use BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD or DROP. With a view based on a 10 team 22 player roster, buy, sell, drop, and hold will apply to players that will generally be owned, while add will go for those you may find on the waiver wire.

We’re in the season now. Some hot streaks are starting to turn into a run of good form, while some cold spells may be a change in role or worse, player regression. Opinions are setting on players now. Which can mean bargains for the rest of us! There’s a few players that will be getting dropped now, that could come back and finish the year strong. A point always brought up on the pod. See who gets dropped, you might be surprised.

Early season can also have you feeling ‘stuck’ with your team. Riding it out with under performing players sucks. This is prime time for the bold among us to start cutting the slackers and jump onto some underappreciated players. Who are you thinking of moving on or picking up? Feel free to jump in the comments with your thoughts. Here are my top 12 moves this week.

DROP – Callan Ward

Feels like every week we have a season ending knee surgery. To come back from injuring one knee to almost instantly tearing his ACL on the other knee. A tough run for Ward, and anyone with him will need to look to the waiver wire for a replacement.

ADD – Daniel Howe

He didn’t crack the side 2 weeks ago when he was first brought up as a potential add. In fact, he didn’t even make it this week, coming in as a late inclusion for Jaeger O’Meara. Could mean he’ll pop straight out for JOM this week, but he put in a good performance. Here’s hoping it was just Clarko playing games with a late out and Howe keeps his spot. Because he’s certainly talented enough for it.

ADD – Cale Hooker

Plugged straight into the defence for the bombers and looked great. Get him in. May have the odd dud game playing a more defensive role, but is always a threat to tear a game open with his marking.

BUY – Clayton Oliver

I’d be looking at bringing some nice deals for Clarry. Some owners won’t budge, but for someone a little more impulsive, put out a Shaun Higgins or Sam Walsh, maybe even Jeremy Cameron. Just find someone with a similar average to where Oliver is at, and throw in an extra decent player. This man is worth taking a risk on. Especially if your league has captains.

ADD – Jack Scrimshaw

Could be better in SC, but with Frawley going down with a hammy, the door is well and truly open for Scrimshaw. He was free to roam around intercepting and helping the Hawks link up.

SELL – Brandon Ellis

It’s gotta be a sell, right? I know, I know, he’s had some big years, but this has danger written all over it. If there’s an overconfident Richmond fan nearby, throw them this hot potato and run. You may or may not have heard, the Tigers have a few outs. To add to that, Richmond haven’t been a great scoring team (fantasy wise). Much rather have Zak Jones

Only a matter of time…

BUY – Devon Smith

Another SC focused pick, this one straight from the Pod, your trade of the week. Dev has only had the one game above 80 in the SC format, and owners must be concerned. Getting the deal done with an owner having invested a high pick could prove difficult, but if you want to take a crack, start with an average of ~90 in mind and work from there. You won’t get anywhere low balling on a high pick here.

ADD – Hugh Greenwood

Playing SANFL – 33 touches, 2 goals. Oh, and 10 clearances to boot. Crows were disappointing and there will be pressure on Don Pyke to make a change. Cam Ellis-Yolmen seems a likely omission, and Hugh Greenwood can provide a big body to throw different looks at centre bounces and get forward. He has been building match fitness, and was close to a recall 2 weeks ago. Now is the time.

ADD – Jack Sinclair

Worth streaming this week against Melbourne, Sinclair has had some great moments for the Saints. However, since he tends to spend most of his time forward, they are unfortunately just moments. The upside of this could also mean potential DPP status in leagues that add DPPs.

ADD – Jed Anderson

Made his return after a hammy injury. Had about 70% game time and should see an increase. He’s know as GOATerson for a reason.

Draft Doctors hype team

ADD –  Jayden Hunt

Could be a value pick in deeper leagues. Hunt has been deployed as a forward for the Dees and should almost certainly get defender and forward DPP status. His output the last 2 weeks has been decent, and the Demons should be looking to improve on a horrid start and get scoring more.

DROP – Willem Drew

Currently in 76% of teams on great round 1 and 2. Ollie Wines returns and he falls off a cliff. Too many mouths to feed in the Power’s engine room. Drew has been pushed out. Could still be an okay player, and potentially one to hang onto in keeper leagues, but I’m looking to the waiver wire for more upside.