Each week we’ll look at captain options outside the big boys as there is only one Brodie Grundy in each league.  So, we are going to look at the underbelly of the weekly contests that hopefully can unearth some unique skipper options, including those in the loop hole games.  Yes some will be risky but that could be the difference of you getting your league win and stay in the hunt for finals action this year.

Captain Loophole

For UF we have three loophole games this week so nearly all teams should have a good option to use the Big V on.  The best to name a few are Lachie Neale, Brodie Grundy, Adam Treloar, Sidebottom, Phillips, Zorko, Goldy, Zach Merrett, Gaff, Rocky and of course Boak.

Best unique skipper options from this week remaining clashes

GWS v Fremantle

Gun: Lachie Whitfield: Would be foolish not to list him as the Gun as he is leading the way, although his form does mean tags are coming it’s just when.

Captain Risky:  David Mundy: A great game last round, but the risk is whether it was because Fyfe was missing or just that he has hit some form.

Melbourne v St Kilda

Gun: Max Gawn:  Surely set for a big one this week against the Saints, if you have him just enjoy.

Captain Risky: Angus Brayshaw:  Has come into some attention this year and the man of Steele will take him or Clayton Oliver, be wary.

Richmond v Sydney

Gun:  Dusty: After a week off he should be ready to fire, although he will also get the tag so look at a risky option if your VC didn’t work.

Captain Risky:  Brandon “Brayden” Ellis: Was fantastic last week and it’s all about role so while they are still missing a few guns he will score big again.

Western Bulldogs v Carlton

Gun:  Jack Macrae: Potentially massive this week against Carlton, if you used a top three pick on him this year you will get the return this week.

Captain Risky: Marc Murphy: Scored 135 last week but that was against the Gold Coast, he was a premium in previous years so can score so worth a punt if you have limited other options.

Adelaide v Gold Coast

Captain Risky:  GP Tom Lynch:  Against the Gold Coast he should get back to his lead up best, expect his first real big one for the year.

Gun:  Matt Crouch:  Just quietly sneaked up to a 110 average, his been a premo for a while and already has a 5 point bump on his best average. Gun

Hawthorn v Geelong

Gun: Danger: After a down game last week he will come back firing, get on.

Captain Risky: JOM:  Risky not due to his average, risky because he is coming back from an injury break, if he is right will continue to lead the midfield with class.