I’m jumping in this week for Cam as he has some personal stuff to attend to so I know these aren’t big shoes to fill, but its still a job that needs to be done.

Lions v Pies

There was a lot of hype about this game but all for nothing as the Pies smashed the Lions off the park and the main injury concern Harris Andrews sitting the entire 4th qtr with his thigh iced up.

Prognosis: Minor hambone injury – 1-2 weeks

Relevant Waiver – Josh Walker should see improved scoring for the next couple of weeks

North v Bombers

Clean bill of health in this game, the only concern is North’s ability to be fantasy relevant.

Eagles v Port

In a wet game over in Perth the only concern was Sam Powell Pepper who had his calf iced up in the 4th qtr.

Prognosis: Just wanted to get out of the wet and use all the hot water before the other guys got in the shower.

Relevant Waiver: None

GWS v Freo

Not that he should be on any person’s list, but Phil Davis suffered a concussion.

Prognosis: Concussion – 1 week

Relevant Waiver: Take your pick. There are heaps of fantasy scorers better than Phi Davis

Demons v Saints

The only injury in this game is Melbourne’s pride.

Prognosis: Season

Relevant Waiver: None, look to the 2020 season

Richmond v Sydney

No injuries to the players but John Longmire must be feeling the pinch.

Prognosis: Job security getting less and less secure

Relevant Waiver: None, perhaps win a game to relieve the pressure

Dogs v Blues


Prognosis: Go back and learn to coach and play players in position

Relevant Waiver: I wonder what Brett Ratten is doing these days?

Crows v Gold Coast

Wayne Milera went down with a nasty shoulder injury

Prognosis: AC joint 4-6 weeks

Relevant Waiver: David McKay to get a bump but better options out there

Hawks v Cats

With all the booing subsiding the only injury in this game was Brandan Partiff.

Prognosis: Quad injury – still awaiting scan results

Relevant Waiver: Dare I say it…..Cam Guthrie