Each week we’ll look at captain options outside the big boys as there is only one Brodie Grundy in each league.  So, we are going to look at the underbelly of the weekly contests that hopefully can unearth some unique skipper options, including those in the loop hole games.  Yes some will be risky but that could be the difference of you getting your league win and staying in the hunt for finals action this year.

Firstly apologies for not posting a Statesman’s Skippers for round 6, with the short gap between rounds and my busy work load I just simply ran out of time.

Statesman’s “busy work load”

Captain Loophole

Back to normal rounds of footy (first time this year) we have only one loop hole option game, but it is a ripper.  With both teams giving us plenty of options to use the VC. Any of the Collingwood mids are worthwhile as any of them can go big on any given week.  Boak, Rocky and Ebert are also good value for the Power but the obvious VC if you have him is Brodie Grundy.

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Best unique skipper options from this week’s remaining clashes:

Melbourne v Hawthorn

Gun: JOM: Boy Steve got this one right! He has been simply fantastic and should go big against the Demons.  With an ADP of 62 he is currently the third highest averaging player, what value.

Captain Risky:  Liam Shiels:  It is amazing that he was on some wavier wires last week but then pumped out a massive 145.  It is sometimes hard to back up after a lay off but that score is hard to ignore.

GWS v St Kilda

Gun: Josh Kelly:  He may have started the season a little later than the rest of the competition, but since then has scored 100, 114, 106 and 113.  The lad is a jet.

Captain Risky: Toby Greene:  As I said to Cam earlier in the year. TOBY GREENE IS A GUN! Yep and against the Saints he will pump out another ton! And averaging more than Dahlhaus #pinot.

Statesman at season’s end enjoying the benefits of betting with Complimentary Cartons Cam

Brisbanev Sydney

Gun:  Lachie Neale: I was worried after the slow start thinking we were going to see the Neale of the past few seasons, so thankful that I was wrong.  Could get a tag but still will score well.

Captain Risky:  Jake Lloyd: Very surprising that I have him as risky after his start, but was tagged last week so a little concerned it might become a trend, cause who else are you going to worry about?

Western Bulldogs v Richmond

Gun:  None:  Western “Change role” Bulldogs & Richmond “we don’t need touches to win” Tigers

Captain Risky: Jackson Macrae: Is is just me or has his role changed in the last couple of weeks.  He averaged 121 in first three, then 100 in last three and seems to be around the guts less. Watch carefully.

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West Coast Eagles v Gold Coast

Gun:  Andrew Gaff:  If Calvin says he is best option this week, ya just gotta hop on board.

Captain Risky:  Jarrod Witts:  Because surely Hickey can’t be the best Ruckman two weeks in a row.

Carlton v North Melbourne

Gun: Patrick Cripps: Although North Melbourne will surely tag him, there is no stopping this beast so expect him to go huge.

Captain Risky: Goldy:  It has been a disappointing season for someone that could/should have been in the top 5 rucks.  He should have the upper hand over Phillips and finally pump out a good score.

Geelong v Essendon

Gun: Danger: Had a massive second half against the Eagles last week and should expect without any attention that he will continue his power scoring ways.

Captain Risky: Dylan Shiel:  Seriously was not expecting this and as he is spraying the footy he will be left alone with any attention going to Merrett.

Adelaide v Fremantle

Gun: Matt Crouch: Although lacks the really big ceiling, he keeps pumping out the captain worthy scores.  If you have him put the C on him and rest easy.

Captain Risky: Mundy threehundry and 1:  Just a nod to a great and value in our drafts.  Still so important to his team and every now and again captain worthy.  Great to see.