In Dozen Deals we use BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD or DROP. With a view based on a 10 team 22 player roster, buy, sell, drop, and hold will apply to players that will generally be owned, while add will go for those you may find on the waiver wire.

To everyone holding Luke Dunstan, you’re welcome. Somehow putting a player as a drop here spurs them on to big scores or breaking back into the side. In this case, it was both. David Mundy copped it (albeit with tongue in cheek) and he’s been so good you should look at selling him!

Two months have gone. There will be people in your league ready to throw in the towel or get a little crazy to revive their seasons, so be open to possibility with trades and keep a close eye on waivers. Draft is such a league-by-league proposition. What flies in one, won’t in another. This article keeps things general, so feel free to drop a line to the Draft Doctors on Twitter, Facebook, or just say “Ballarat is the superior ‘rat” in the mirror 3 times and Stevie Fizz will appear behind you to murder you.


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Trying to revive your season like.

DROP – Toby Nankervis

6-8 weeks is just too long to hold onto any ruckman if you’re in a redraft league fielding 12-14 rucks each week. Streaming a ruck off free agency or trading for one is a better option, especially as Preuss looks to be returning for Melbourne this week. Any fwd/ruck options could also be a long term target.


BUY – Nathan Jones

Angus Brayshaw has gone to the wing, and Jones to the middle. A couple good games after a slow start to the year has him feeling quite attainable as a trade target.


BUY – Toby Greene

You may find the Toby Greene owner disappointed with his output, however as mentioned on the pod, Greene made his way to the midfield in the fourth quarter and added some late points. He shouldn’t be a full time mid, but if he can get in for 20-30% it’ll help push his floor up. His average makes him a great buy low, as he is still building fitness.


ADD – Darcy Macpherson

Getting a bit of a run in the midfield (like every other GC player), Darcy has done some good things, and since he can be played as a forward, the bar is set lower. At just over 21 and in his fourth year, Elle Macpherson’s son (I haven’t confirmed this, but I feel confident), is looking the goods, just like his mum.


ADD – Willem Drew

First week without Ollie wasn’t a great success with a 59, but Drew got to plenty of centre bounces behind Boak, Rocky and SPP. Expect for that to continue against Gold Coast, Hawthorn, and St Kilda. Back him in to improve.


SELL – David Mundy

After copping a drop warning in R2, Mundy has responded with 100s. Some big ones. With Blakely set to return, and Mundy in an absolute hot streak, now is the time to try and make the leap to a super premo. Could be paired with a Rocky or BCrouch and aim for the stars.


ADD – Jarrod Lienert

Numbers don’t lie. This man has them. A mature age player, Lienert got his start at age 23 last year. He is building on a decent mid 70s average over 6 games last year, hopefully he can back up his 26 touch 10 mark performance.


ADD – Bailey Williams

One day this will work out. I know, I know, I said to drop him 2 weeks ago, but you can’t deny Dos is confident. I’ll back Dos in here, and by extension, Williams.


ADD – Dougal Howard

It’s hard to find the numbers for SC draft ownership, but Dougal has pumped out an average of 88 since an opening score of 44. He loves spoiling, which makes the big difference in scoring. He also went forward for a bit and jagged a couple goals. Give him a run.


BUY – Jade Gresham

After a month averaging 95+ SuperCoach, Gresh fell harder than James Charles subscriber count (I, um.. heard about him from my girlfriend…) look, the point is, he’s getting the ball, even kicking it a lot (14/20 on the weekend), just not hitting the target. Last 4 games kicking efficiency 42.9, 20(!), 40, 54.5. All games with 10+ kicks. A massive average doesn’t seem attainable now, but he should be going cheap.


ADD – Phil Davis

Carlton this week isn’t exactly a cupcake match up. At least, not for tall defenders in fantasy. Carlton’s talls will provide plenty of work for GWS, but there’s no denying Phil Davis has been playing with a bit more freedom. A more defensive role may be on the cards this week, I have a feeling he could get Harry McKay for stretches. So a dicey play option this week, but Melbourne and Gold Coast should provide plenty of entries into the 50 to cut off.


DROP – Alex Sexton

Speaking of Gold Coast, this one hurts. He was a revelation, but put simply, a bloke failing to hit 40 two weeks in a row just can’t be relied on. Which isn’t to say the waiver wire will be better, but Sexton is more of a FIFO type player you pick up for match ups. Pour one out. For those that hold when he inevitably pulls out a 100, you’re welcome.