In Dozen Deals we use BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD or DROP. With a view based on a 10 team 22 player roster, buy, sell, drop, and hold will apply to players that will generally be owned, while add will go for those you may find on the waiver wire.

DROP – Devon Smith

Unless you’re in a keeper, Dev ain’t playing another game. If you drafted him, remember, it could be worse. My league made a trade last week, Dev Smith for Ziebell. That’s one you want to forget.


BUY – Stephen Coniglio

Playing a lot more forward with the hand injury has dropped his average. Good time to suggest a move.


BUY – Angus Brayshaw

Not in a friendly role at all. You may need to cop a few average scores, but the payoff if he moves back into the centre make this a worthwhile punt


ADD – Jy Simpkin

Playing forward, but also pushing up and getting a bit of midfield time as well. Winning lots of the ball, get him in.


BUY – Tom Liberatore

In a real slump. But Bevo giveth just as much as he taketh. See if there’s a deal to be had, being realistic about Libba’s prospects.


SELL – Nick Vlastuin

I’ll add to the podcasts recommendation to sell Ellis in the future, as Jayden Short’s return in just over a month may impact his spot/role. Adding to that, the loss of Cotchin and Ross has given Vlaust a more friendly midfield role. Once (if) the Tigers get closer to full strength, expect Nick to shift back into the defence/intercept role. Not bad for SuperCoach teams, but he’ll become unreliable for AFLF and UF.


ADD – Aliir Aliir

Collingwood looming, and potentially a closer game than it appears from the outside. Aliir is the man Sydney want free to intercept. More valuable in SC.


ADD – Jack Sinclair

Just over at 66%, Sinclair has been decent, but not outstanding. I like the matchup against Carlton, but watch the teams to see if players like Liam Jones come back in. Carlton has had a wafer thin defence the past couple of weeks, Sinclair pushes up the ground a bit more, making him a high ceiling player. Membrey could be a consideration, but mostly if the defence doesn’t get too many reinforcements. I’d expect Carlton to bounce back, just not by enough to stop the Saints.


ADD – Gary Rohan

Good for a deeper league and a bit boom or bust, the second Gary is doing alright. GC have been a little stingy to forwards,


SELL – Heath Shaw

Not right now, especially if ZWilliams misses, but Heath has been putting together some big scores. That’s not to say it won’t continue, but given his age and health the past few years, I’d be casually seeing what’s on offer and only moving him for something enticing.


ADD – Jake Lever

16% owned and rising with his return to the VFL this past weekend. Likely won’t play for another couple weeks, but is targeting R12; Queen’s Birthday.  R11 v Adelaide is also possible so it’s worth jumping on this week or next. Likely won’t be putting up big numbers off the bat, so keep in mind you may need to carry him through the byes. Better options out there if you’re trying to sneak a few wins.


DROP – Blake Acres

Let’s see if we can fix him with a nice drop call. Carlton on deck, so give him one more week!