Woah, how good was that round 10 injury report? It was so good, in fact, that it had to be taken down before it blew too many minds…


But before anyone can dispute this, letsgetonwithitquickly!

Roos vs Tigers

You could have seen it coming from a mile away. Get rid of coach, beat top 4 side. Some might have even called it a…. SHAW THING!

Jamie Macmillan was out to celebrate his 150th game for the club on Friday night, and continued long into the night – albeit with an iced up calf.

  • Prognosis – 2-4 weeks
  • Waiver – Remember the 2018 pre-season, when all the hype was on Luke McDonald? It seems like forever ago that we all thought he would break out. Since then he has been pure stank, but… maybe this is the turning point? Opportunity knocks.
Essence eau McDonald

Kayne Turner did his best to remind people that he still plays, by going off in the last term with a shoulder/rib complaint. It was not a solid strategy, because no one cared.

  • Prognosis – 1-3 weeks
  • Waiver – Could open the door again for Paul Ahern with a reshuffle. I’m keeping my eye on North over the next couple of weeks. Previously irrelevant players may come good under Shaw.

Pies vs Dockers

Alex Pearce suffered an ankle injury, but it really played second fiddle to HAND OF GOAT-MAYNE-GATE! GASP! Totally a point. Injury to 3rd ump.

  • Prognosis – 4-6 weeks
  • Waiver – They’re pretty thin down back at the moment. Nathan Wilson just quietly a 3 game average of 91.7 AF 98.6 SC… Only in 72% of teams. Get on it.

Suns vs Giants

Every time these guys play, it’s just such a reminder of what can happen if you have competent people running a start-up footy club, vs whatever the hell happened at the Suns. You could seriously do a (draft) doctorate thesis on it. “How to not fuck things up when you expand to Tasmania finally”

Jack Bowes tore his quad while kicking for goal, which subsequently missed. This sentence sums up the Gold Coast Suns pretty darn nicely.

  • Prognosis – 4-6 weeks
  • Waiver – Surely it’s time to look at Will Brodie. Give the man a game ffs.

One of the most captained people this week after he fucking exploded in his return, Lachie Whitfield ripped the hearts out of his owners chest with a “KHALI MA” type efficiency, by getting tagged and then injuring his collarbone. Officially listed as injured, no news has come out yet, but keep an eye on it for next week.

  • Prognosis – 1-3 weeks
  • Waiver – Have you picked up Perryman yet? Hurry up ffs. I’ve been saying it for 3 weeks now. Otherwise, Zilliams will likely return.

Cats vs Sydney

Firstly – Danger didn’t get injured. Awesome news. One week at a time lads.

Rhys Stanley had some more problems with his lingering adductor injury, and was a late out (classic Cats).

  • Prognosis – No issue
  • Waiver – No waiver yet – Zac Smith is stank. If you need a ruck, Jacobs crushed it in the SANFL

Lions vs Hawks

As sure as spring turns to summer, as Sunday turns to Monday, and my shoe turns in to a shoey, old mate Wingard got a soft tissue injury. They actually threw him in the midfield, and he looked in good nick… but within 5 minutes it was over.

  • Prognosis – 4 weeks
  • Waiver – Daniel Howe has been going alright in the two’s. With Sicily facing MRP scrutiny though, look at Dave “300” Mirra. Speculative at best though.

Demons vs Crows

In what is likely the first and only time this will ever be reported as an injury, Kyle Hartigan is officially listed as suffering TEAM BALANCE. A terrible issue, that can at times, be terminal.

Brutal injury. Could be season.

The only real injury of note here is Rory Sloane suffering a minor Hammy Whomp. Don Pyke later said that he doesn’t think it’s too serious, but last time I checked, he doesn’t have x-ray vision.

  • Prognosis – 3 weeks
  • Waiver – Mrouch is waiting to come back in – but for a smokey Dick Douglas crushed it in the SANFL this week. Will surely earn a recall, and with a handy DPP Mid/FWD – keep your eyes peeled for the team lists.

Saints and Power vs Pollution

In what continues to be a great international advertisement of our game, Port bashing up shit teams, St Kilda were shown the sword after some interesting dinner decisions. After finding out that honey soy chicken is not a native Chinese dish, the team picked a random chicken dish and came down with gastro.

Wanna see how I got these scars” Geary cant seem to take a trick, which is probably for the best, as he’s married. Unfortunately though he suffered a suspected fractured lower leg. It was amazing that he got back for the trip to China, now he has to fly half way around the world with a broken leg. Brutal.

  • Prognosis – Season
  • Waiver – Saints have the bye next week (in both AFL and VFL) but Hanners was prolific for the 3/4 that he played. Keep an eye on it. If he’s on your waivers, and you love a speculative, grab him after the bye. And then throw him back after he drops a 60 in his first AFL game.

Blues vs Bombers

Nothin’ to see here, except Bolts slowly getting injured through the season.

Dogs vs Eagles

Officially, both teams have listed no injuries here. But ya boi Cam noticed Shannon Hurn sitting off the field FOR THE ENTIRE 4th QUARTER. Wait and see I guess, but seemed a little bit interesting.