In Dozen Deals we use BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD or DROP. With a view based on a 10 team 22 player roster, buy, sell, drop, and hold will apply to players that will generally be owned, while add will go for those you may find on the waiver wire.

Bye rounds, more like buy rounds, am I right?! Okay, that was poor, but the point holds. If you want to get a player, bye rounds often present an interesting opportunity to get some deals done. Of course, this doesn’t mean teams will give away their entire roster just because they have a bye, but it can be the small piece that gets the deal over the line for you.

So warm up the trade machine, it’s time to make a deal

Don’t be like Theresa or you May end up with no deal

Might do something a little different, and try and put some players to offer to get you started on the buy candidates. The best strategy will be to look at the whole team for the player you’re after and see if you can find a weakness. What position do they need players in? What do you have an abundance of? Start from there. There’s no universal fit, as every team is different, so don’t be afraid to try something and take risks. It’s the best (and worst) way to gain experience.

BUY – Robbie Gray

Now might be the week to pounce, as Port have the bye. Might be a tough sell based on his recent form, but Robbie was in the midfield at centre bounces. Could be a very handy forward to have.

Tough deal to get done, depending on how you’re team’s filled out.

DEF – Wayne Milera,Marty Hore could be a piece to throw in for SC.

MID – CEY, Sam Walsh, or Hugh Greenwood/Jared Polec in a package.

FWD – Darcy Parish, Rory Lobb, or if you’re feeling brazen, try Sam Gray (AFLF)

BUY – Christian Petracca

Full disclosure, there’s no midfield move or form lift or any real tangible football reason to suggest this move. But hear me out. Owners would have been expecting much more from Petracca this year. He’s disappointed, but apart from a 2 game stretch of a couple 40s, he’s been a decently consistent player. Tracc is worth adding because he’s good enough to be anyone’s F4/5 based on his regular 70s-80s. He won’t lose you games. But if the Dees start playing better (I’m a Melbourne fan, let me have this) the upside is there.

DEF – Jasper Pittard, Jarrod Harbrow, or Brayden Maynard

MID – Rory Atkins, Jordan Dawson (in  SC, should become fwd in AFLF)

FWD – Jack Newnes, Luke Breust

BUY – Angus Brayshaw

A move back to the middle and he’s back to relevance. Didn’t set the world alight, which may work better for our purposes. Owners are looking to see what comes their way, so start the conversation. Look at where they need extra players. This one will heavily vary based on the Brayshaw owners confidence. Good to gauge before sending an offer, and don’t try to lowball.

DEF – Jack Crisp, or make a package with Heath Shaw, Nic Newman

MID – Tom Phillips, or maybe a Liam Shiels (AFLF) package

FWD – Will vary depending on the package, but some players that should get you almost there Rory Lobb (more SC), Jordan De Goey, GAblett (AFLF)

ADD – Patrick Lipinski

Shout out to Jez for dropping a comment last week with his Lipinski add. It’s worked out with a 81 AFLF and 73 SC. But the main thing is, he’s getting a run in the midfield. After banging down the door as an inside mid, Lipinski has played on a wing and now a bit more inside at AFL level. A handy add where forwards are in rare supply. Just be prepared to jump on Bevo’s wild ride.

ADD – Nathan Vardy

Forward eligble, with Sydney this week, could be a handy play. If you’re short of forwards thank to a bye, have a Vardy party. Those looking for a long term ruck, Nic Nat is only a month away. A good ruckman to pick up for finals in a few weeks.

SELL – Darcy Parish

This one might lean more to SC, because somehow Parish is a low level AFLF player, yet for SC, he’s cracked the top 20 forwards with an 89 average. When you look deeper, he’s only had 4 games over 75 points, all over 110. This is a perfect example of a boom or bust player. They have their uses of course, but given the high average and shortage of forwards, he could make a really interesting trade piece.

I think Parish will be highly variable in his value depending on who you talk to. Don’t lead with him, use him as the add in to get an upgrade from a team that needs more forwards.

ADD – Charlie Dixon

More of an FYI, Dixon is expected to play after Port’s bye this week. At what level, who can say, but the way tall forwards are performing, it may be worth using a waiver elsewhere.

BUY – Justin Westhoff

Adding to the previous point, if you think Westhoff will be freed up by Dixons return, now is the time. He did spend a bit of time on the wing in China, as Dougal Howard has shifted forward. Dougal could make an interesting DPP, only problem is he’s only scoring in SC, where there’s no DPPs added. Potential Port reshuffle coming when Dixon returns.

DEF- Jasper Pittard or Brayden Maynard

MID- Marc Murphy, or Chris Mayne potentially. Jack Redden or Tom Phillips type in SC.

FWD- Toby McLean would make a good swap, as both have been disappointing, otherwise Jaidyn Stephenson could get the convo started

ADD – Ben Brown

A nice risky add for this week. North travel to Metricon to play the Suns, who are missing Sam Collins. 19 year old Charlie Ballard played on Jeremy Cameron, and I’d expect the boner to flop his way to a nice haul of goals.

HOLD – Lachie Whitfield / Shannon Hurn / Rory Sloane

Injuries all round, Whitfield cops the worst with 4+ weeks on the sidelines. These 3 have been massive this year and will come to play in finals, so don’t sell unless you need to smash through the bye rounds. Sloane and Hurn aren’t even ruled out for this week’s matchups yet.

ADD – Steven May

Should be coming back for the Dees soon. Melbourne have the middle bye, so if he doesn’t play well this week, you can hop off again.

ADD – Stephen Hill

Another Steven, this time with a ‘ph’. Should be back after Freo’s bye. You know the drill, got space and up the ladder, can get on now if there’s not much else available. Need wins? Hold off another week.