So the fantasy season is over half way done already, and we’ve made our way to the first bye round. I’ve learnt a lot (Great Northern = shite right up there with the most important lessons), and most importantly we’ve seen the impact rule changes can have on something well established. I think we can all agree at this point, that the rule change that’s had the most amount of impact this year is the ability to add images and GIFs to reports. Ab.So.Fuckin.Lutely. And this week. Its Cat Gif week.

Me writing this article every week

They didn’t play this week, but honourable mention to Rory Lobb who has sustained a stress fracture in his foot, and will miss much of the remainder of the regular season.

  • Prognosis – 6-8 weeks
  • Waiver – Sean Darcy should be right to resume

Cats vs Tigers

Ratugolea (third attempt at spelling) whomped his hammy in the third term.

  • Prognosis – 2-4 weeks
  • Waiver – Darcy Fort looks odds on to add to his games tally. Sneaky chance of Buzza. Wouldn’t consider either, even in deep leagues.

Shoutout to the listener whose team name is Vlaustin Space – still the best name I have heard in a while. Related news though – he hurt his hip and spent time off the ground. He was able to play out the game, but keep and eye on him this week as he may miss a couple.

Vlaustin Burrito

Lions vs Blues

Lochie O’Brien injured his leg late in the fourth quarter. It didn’t look great – as he was dragged down in a tackle awkwardly. Expecting this one to be on the serious side.

  • Prognosis – 4-6 weeks
  • Waiver – Tom De Konig, Matt Owies (haha) and Alex Fasolo will go close. Matt Owies in your #offbrand league is worth a shout.

Dayne Zorko had a sore hip and received some treatment on the bench. The Lions have the bye next week and he should be good to go the week after.

Suns vs Roos

Shiggins was crunched in a great tackle, but landed directly on his shoulder. Early indications are an AC joint type injury as they weren’t able to get stability in it straight after. These can go two ways – if they can build stability, he might be back in 2 weeks, else he will be done for the year.

  • Prognosis – Season
  • Waiver – Will likely see the elevation of Ahern. My boi Dom Tyson about to come back as well.

In a sign of good fortune for the Suns, Jordan Murdoch suffered an ankle injury in the third term, and it looks like it will keep him out for a few weeks.

  • Prognosis – 4-8 weeks
  • Waiver – Callum Ah Chee may come in, or Corey Ellis may make his debut. Either will likely require a reshuffle, and it’s worth keeping an eye on their half back role.

A lot of fuss on twitter about Touk Miller playing as a full forward for the majority of the game. He actually suffered a corkie in the first quarter to the quad, and wouldn’t have been able to impact the contest. You could however argue that he didn’t impact the contest anyway.

  • Prognosis – No issue
  • Waiver – No waiver
Touk at full forward

Crows vs Giants

Everyone was expecting a late change from the Crows – with doubt hanging over Rory Sloane. Surprise though, Tom Lynch injured his calf in the warm up and was replaced with Greenwood. Tom mentioned after the game that it was pretty sore, and with the bye looming in round 14, I don’t think we’ll see him back for a few.

  • Prognosis – 4 weeks
  • Waiver – Bryce Gibbs? Different type of player, but Bryce is good enough to perform the role.

Nick Haynes injured his ankle, tried to play on, but was later withdrawn from the contest. He wasn’t officially listed as an injury, but keep an eye out. I would put him at some risk of missing next week.

  • Prognosis – 2 weeks
  • Waiver – Come on Hately in a reshuffle – with Perryman going back.

Toby “Statesman calls me a gun, and I am pretty damn good, but not a Fantasy player” Greene was a withdrawal with a knee injury from last week. I think he’ll be withheld till after the bye.

  • Prognosis – 2 weeks
  • Waiver – Lloyd was his replacement, no reason to think he wont continue.
Statesman Cat

Swans vs Eagles

Jarrad McVeigh did his chances of a recall to the injury list no harm, with a another quad injury. I mean… at what point do you just call time?

  • Prognosis – 4 weeks
  • Waiver – Zak Jones will be back just after the bye, and will likely come back in.
Every time McVeigh returns from injury

Jackson Thurlow and Colin O’Riordan both suffered big knocks, but with the bye next week, both should be ok to return.

Pies vs Demons

Jack Frost had been living his best life the last couple of weeks with Christian Salem. It was all sunshine, lollipops and, rainbows etc etc. AND THEN HE FINALLY RETURNED FROM CONCUSSION. Jack wasn’t going to have a bar of this, and went in for an almighty headbut ala Chiaotzu. Luckily he came off second best, and the Demons had their best game in weeks.

  • Prognosis – 1 week
  • Waiver – They have the bye next week, but I would be surprised if Jordan Lewis of Kolo don’t make their way back after strong showings in the VFL.