So, Steve here, I’ll be filling in for Sam whilst he’s off deconstructing coffees, eating Nutella spoons or Ubering his Snapchat or whatever the hell it is millennials do. He says ‘exams’ but that sounds like total crap. Anyways, here’s this week’s deals. You know the drill: buy, sell, add/drop, holds. Obviously different bye settings will affect things, so use your best judgement.

We have tried to include some options as buy/sell targets to help make your moves, of course your league has it’s own unique style and the options may not be successful.

I’d like to say first, Sean Darcy will be a popular name thrown about as a pickup with Rory Lobb going down, but he’s missed so much time on the back of coming off a knee reco that I’m cagey about what his scoring output will look like. Take that how you will, if you need a ruck he might be the best/only option unless you feel like some NicNat action.

ADD – Will Brodie – If you haven’t already. Beasted on the weekend, has been working hard on his outside game to complement his ability inside. Could be a great second half ahead, although being in a crummy side may mean some up and down games.

ADD – Stephen Hill – If you have spare room and can wait a couple of weeks, Hill looms as a reasonable dart throw with so many defenders getting injured of late.

ADD – Dan Hannebery – Has played a VFL game and is likely to play one more, but maybe a change of scenery can help him recapture his former….form.

BUY – Seb Ross – Been piss poor for fantasy based on expectations, so this is a serious opportunity to buy low. His poor last month seemed to coincide with Webster being out of the team and the Saints have been struggling to stop teams from scoring, ranking second last for rebound fifties and have given up an average of over 100 points per game for the last 6 matches. That’s #notgreat, kids. So a welcome sight would be the nearing returns of Jake Carlisle and Jimmy Webster, and a potential midfield distraction in Dan Hannebery. This could/should lead to more disposals and marks for the St Kilda midfield, led by Mr Ross.

Possible trade outs (AFL Fantasy) – McCluggage, Gunston, Wines; (SuperCoach – Wines, Milera, J Martin

ADD – Ollie Florent – If you have some bye flexibility, this guy’s worth a look. Getting into the midfield rotation in JPKs absence, he’s growing by the game. Sydney’s next 5 opponents are all outside the top 8 at present time. A must consider for keeper owners.

SELL – Nathan Jones – A week after his great 28 disposal game off half back, Jones was on the wing against the Pies (Salem back in), chugging along to a soul crushing 50 DT and 49 SC points. I don’t know what you’re going to get for him, I’d most likely be trying to throw him in as steak knives with a Suckling/Harbrow/DeGoey (for DT) type and upgrade, whilst freeing up a bench spot.

Possible trade ins: A bag of chips. Try 2 for 1 it and upgrade somewhere.

ADD – Jy Simpkin – Always a favourite of mine – does the contested stuff well, lays tackles, hits the scoreboard and can find space and take a mark. I get it, he’s up and down. But Higgins is out for the near future, there’s been more mid/wing time of late too and the Kangas haven’t been horrific of late. So lowly owned it’s not funny, he’s worth a bench stash at the very least. Much more relevant in SuperCoach leagues.

ADD – Jayden Short – Listed as 2-3 weeks away for the Tigers, he was a defender we were pretty keen on at the start of the year. Houli owners would be wise to take note – internal competition from someone like Short may slow his 110 average.

BUY – Justin Westhoff – The fall happened as we mooted in the preseason, although to be fair, we didn’t predict this much of a fall. Anyways, with Charlie Dixon set to return, the buy low time on Westhoff is upon us as we hope Westhoff can start roaming up and down the wing, picking up easy marks and a few kicks.

Possible trade outs (AFL Fantasy) – Dale Thomas, MacMillan, Viney; (SuperCoach) – Viney, McGrath, DeBoer

SELL – Dan Houston – Houston has been on a tear the last month, think it’s pretty unsustainable. Why? Massive score v Adelaide who hand out points to defenders like it’s going out of style, then playing 3 of the worst teams in the comp. Also played a heap of midfield time v St Kilda with Rockliff out of the side. We’re also about to have Wines come into that midfield as well. Now, of course, he could theoretically hold in there, but I’d be trying to move.

Suggested targets (AFL Fantasy) – Marc Murphy, Blakely, Westhoff; (SuperCoach) – Salem, Brayshaw, Lambert, Ross

HOLD – Good Personality Tom Lynch (ADE) – Dude’s been great this year even if he cost me my home league matchup this week. Can’t trade for a guy with a soft tissue injury and don’t see how you get adequate compensation for him.

DROP – Jesse Hogan – Despite having scored 69 twice in the last 3 matches he’s played, the great man isn’t doing much for your fantasy team this year, like most key forwards. He’s still highly owned, but I can’ t deal with it.

Good luck in your matchups this week (if you have one).