We have entered the barren wastelands known as the bye rounds! Whether or not your draft league is playing throughout this time, we charge full steam ahead like that weird guitar guy from Mad Max to continue bringing you plenty of draft #content.

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The bye round wastelands are hard to navigate, but we are here for you.

Hope you all had a great long weekend! Now it’s time to catch up on The Draft Doctors podcast as we cover all the AFL Fantasy and SuperCoach gold from Round 12!

On this special edition of the podcast wrap up, I’ll be taking a look at some things we mentioned during the show — including Cam’s infamous shoey, an update on our preseason #bets, and Stevie Fizz’s world famous CBA numbers from round 12.

Cam’s Shoey.

Thanks to everyone who got us all the way to 200 iTunes ratings and got Cam doing the shoey!

A delicious mixture of Smirnoff Ice and Great Northern beer were merged into one very special, very green, 2012 Adidas Gazelle — and the stage was set:

Cam explains why he “licks things first” on this week’s podcast.

Well done to Cam for doing a respectable job with downing a majority of the shoey (I mean, those were some girthy gulps!), but now it’s time to think of the next target and we would love your input!

Let us know with a comment below what you think we should do when we hit the next iTunes ratings target.

An Update On Our Preseason Bets

Across the preseason we put our money where our mouth was on a few calls, placing a slab…or in Statesman’s case, a 6 pack of Pinot, on being right.

Every week on the show I rack my brain to remember exactly what all our preseason bets were and where exactly we are at with all of them.

So I have, to the best of my knowledge, compiled all of the bets that are in play from now until the end of the season to check in on who is looking likely to stock up their fridge, wine cellar, and ego.

NOTE: all averages are accurate as of the conclusion of Round 12.

Gary Ablett OVER / UNDER 99.5 | Jono (>) VS Cam (<)

AFL Fantasy avg: 91.6 = ADVANTAGE CAM

Jack Newnes OVER / UNDER 83.5 | Cam (>) VS Dos (<)

AFL Fantasy avg: 79.5 = ADVANTAGE DOS

Luke Dahlhaus OVER / UNDER 85 | Cam (>) VS Statesman (<)


The Dom Off” Dom Sheed Vs Dom Tyson | Archie (DS) VS Cam (DT)

AFL Fantasy avg: Sheed 97.8 // Tyson 76.7 = ADVANTAGE ARCHIE

AFL Fantasy #Offbrand Overall Ranking | Statesman VS Dos

Rank: Statesman (9, 356) // Dos (10, 674) = ADVANTAGE STATESMAN

CBA Numbers for Round 12

This long weekend, with Mrs. Fizz and Baby Fizz away, Stevie Fizz was home to play.

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The Fizz had a productive weekend to say the least.

And in true Fizz fashion, he dedicated his weekend to helping out The Draft Doctor family and wider fantasy community! This time, knuckling down to bring us some stats on Centre Bounce Attendances (CBA) for round 12.

CBAs are handy to get an idea of who is spending a lion’s share of midfield time, as well as being a crucial indicator of potential impending role changes that could see your #maboy finally get that fantasy bump!

As you can see by the CBA numbers, Fiorini was robbed of inside mid time, yet still put up 107 AFL Fantasy points in Round 12. Will Brodie, though ūüĎÄ

Hope you enjoyed the podcast this week, cheers for listening! Don’t forget to leave us some ideas for new iTunes ratings targets (it appears Jono is in line for the punishment this time around) either by commenting below, or by hitting us up @thedraftdoctors on Twitter!

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