Each week we’ll look at captain options outside the big boys as there is only one Brodie Grundy in each league.  So, we are going to look at the underbelly of the weekly contests that hopefully can unearth some unique skipper options, including those in the loop hole games.  Yes some will be risky but that could be the difference of you getting your league win and stay in the hunt for finals action this year.

Captain Loophole

Another double loop hole round, whilst we all battle through the bye rounds.  Thankfully it’s the last one.  The byes may be over but we still need to listen to Cam, at least Dos is proud of him.

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The aim if you play through the byes is to win two games of your three game, but the right captain option (For example Billings last week, who we named as a gun) can sneak you a third win. 

Plenty of options this week for the VC, best is Andrew Gaff.  Zach Merrett (beware of tag), Heppell, The right Dom, Shuey, Shiel and Hurn are also worth the punt.  Whilst the Friday night has JOM, Buddy, Parker, Worpel and of course if you are lucky enough to have alllooooooyd.  Take a punt to start your last bye round game with a bang.

Best unique skipper options from this week remaining clashes:

Melbourne v Fremantle

Gun: Max Gawn: Has been in great form and fresh from the week off and against Sean Darcy who is only in his second game back.  Should be able to hit the 140 plus mark.

Captain Risky:  Angus Brayshaw.  Originally expected to be a top 10 mid this year, but oh how the mighty has falling.  Mainly due to role, but that looked back just before the bye, will this remain?

St Kilda v Brisbane

Gun: Lachie Neale:  Without Jack Steele, looks unlikely that the Saints will but major pressure on this gun.  If he is free to rack them up, look for a score over the 120 mark.

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Jack Billings was huge last week, but looms as a riskier captain option this week.

Captain Risky: Jack Billings: Yes, it was a fantastic game last week, but it was against the Gold Coast.  So you should not expect a repeat although it could be enough for a risky option.

Port Adelaide v Geelong

Gun:  Patrick Dangerfield: Just because he is a gun and unlikely to get any attention and as we all know he has had much more time in the midfield this year.

Captain Risky:  Ollie Wines: The good news is that he is back, and without Rocky should get decent time on ground, or will he?  Wines with 85% game time is an M2 with a good ceiling, but has had a career in the 70’s TOG.

Western Bulldogs v Collingwood

Gun:  Josh Dunkley:  Back to back ‘Gun’ selections, and for good reason.  What we hoped in the preseason.  A ball magnet that builds a score in all ways (except hit outs of course) and is unlikely to be tagged.

Captain Risky: Brodie Grundy: Before selection is announced and with neck and ankle issues, Brodie is a risk.  Although if fit and playing he could go ham against the Bulldogs, even if against the improving English.