So, Steve here, I’ll be filling in for Sam whilst he’s off deconstructing coffees, eating Nutella spoons or Ubering his Snapchat or whatever the hell it is millennials do. He says ‘exams’ but that sounds like total crap. Anyways, here’s this week’s deals. You know the drill: buy, sell, add/drop, holds. Obviously different bye settings will affect things, so use your best judgement.

We have tried to include some options as buy/sell targets to help make your moves, of course your league has it’s own unique style and the options may not be successful.

Now, onto the deals.

DROP – Jaidyn Stephenson – I BET you already have.

Image result for dog grin pun
Low hanging fruit, but whatever.

ADD – Jamie Elliott – If you’re in a deeper league and have room. There’s going to be some points up for grabs in the Pies forward line and Elliott can score when he’s not injured. Which he currently is. He’s also super low owned.

SELL – Steele Sidebottom – last Pies player, I swear. Taylor Adams is allegedly due back soon (although this groin thing is lingering) and with Sier in the team I’d expect Sidebottom to move back to a wing role with spells forward. I realise Adams might be out a bit but Sidey is hot right now and I don’t mind jumping off a hot player a bit early – see David Mundy.

BUY – Lachie Hunter – Here’s a player who can get away with a betting controversy – so let’s buy him! Had a sour last few weeks at the fantasy table, but with Libba injured for a month, it feels like a good time to buy. Yes, they play different roles but if an outside player is to shift more inside, then hopefully that opens up more uncontested ball for the gun accumulator. He’s arguably the cheapest piece (besides Lipinski) of a midfield that scores well and just got weaker.

BUY – Jesse Hogan – How fresh information can change things! Now, firstly, this is a long term play and not for everyone. With Rory Lobb apparently not done for the year and likely back in a month, my BET is that Lobb plays forward whilst Darcy/Sandi take the main ruck role, potentially releasing Hogan to get on his bike and rack up some marks. Obviously tough with him coming off a 100, but Freo have a couple of nice matchups around fantasy finals time.

Image result for new information meme
Rory Lobb really tied the room together.

SELL – Jarryd Lyons – With Jarrod Berry not miles away, Lyons should see more internal competition. Lyons was only averaging 80 DT with Berry in the side and is always a chance to be a time on ground victim. His recent scores haven’t been horrendous, looks a good time to bail out early. Might be a good guy to package another player with and do a 2 for 1 upgrade.

ADD – Oliver Florent – Sydney have a banger draw heading home, I’d like a cheap piece of it. I feel Florent is underrated and he’s totally free. Hopefully can start putting some good scores together.

ADD – Sam Reid (Syd) – Also this guy.

SELL – Dan Houston – Been taking a heap of centre bounces lately. Rockliff and Wines are due back this week or next and that will likely reduce his numbers. When you also consider Hartlett has returned to the Port defence, scores may dry up a bit for Houston. Has been scoring well of late but might need to be a package deal or maybe just don’t aim for the moon with this one.

SELL – Jack Billings – Whaaaaaaaat? He just dropped a 170, wtf are you talking about? Well, that game was against a Suns team that just bleeds midfield points and the score was enough to bump Billings average up 7 DT points per game from 91 to 98. The dude dropped two 60 burgers before the monster. And I’m not saying ‘give him away’, but this is Billings, for crying out loud, perennial burnman. He’ll be a solid but up and down forward for you if you don’t want to trade, but I think there’s value to be had, depending on your leaguemates. Especially if you consider that over the next month we’ll likely have return to the side Dan Hannebery, Jack Steele and Jack Steven. That is a stack of quality mids to suck points away from teammates.

Okay, so there’s not a dozen this week, sorry folks.