We’re dumping the weekly podcast wrap to introduce The Draft Doctors newest and sure to be most popular article…Dossy’s Dilemmas!

Every Monday I’ll be bringing a couple of discussion points, musings, perhaps a bit of group therapy, certainly the occasional poll — basically wherever it goes, just join in the fun, leave feedback below and get around Dossy as he spreads his wings.

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Dossy is prone to a bit of referring to himself in the 3rd person.


As you may have noticed, we’ve been focusing on bringing you the centre bounce attendances (CBAs) for all the games across the bye rounds.

These numbers can be useful for a number of reasons, but can essentially give us an idea of which players are getting bulk midfield time for their sides. As we know #moremidtime is generally conducive to better fantasy scores.

Comparing CBAs from one week to another can also indicate potential role changes during the season. Noticing a drop off or significant rise in CBAs — as well as identifying WHY this has occurred — may allow us to trade in or out the players we predict are in for a significant scoring bump or drop off respectively, based on their changing midfield time.

Well, we have some exciting news on the CBAs front.

From now until the end of the season, we’ll be dropping a weekly article dedicated to CBAs — bringing you all these crucial numbers to help you in your quest for glory! Whether its your single season, keeper or redraft league, DFS, or heaven forbid #offbrand salary cap teams, we hope these numbers satisfy your cravings.

Mmm forbidden CBAs.

For this week only, as it’s Dossy’s Dilemmas debut, I get to drop the round 14 numbers here. Stay tuned to The Draft Doctors website for a dedicated CBAs article next week!

The AMOUNT represents the number of times that the player attended a centre bounce during the game. The percentage represents the percentage of centre bounces the player attended relative to the total amount of centre bounces — the number in this game was 28 (indicated next to “Amount” at the top of the middle column). For example Elliot Yeo attended 24/28 CBAs which is a rate of 86%, while Andrew Gaff attended 10/28, equivalent to 36%.

Dilemma: Toby McLean Concerns

Shout out to my fellow Toby McLean holders in keeper leagues.

McLean is becoming a serious concern in keeper leagues.

We briefly mentioned these concerns on the podcast this week. But Toby McLean’s fall from premium forward, to unfieldable in the early parts of 2019, to basically droppable in all formats at the moment, is as upsetting as is it predictable in Bevo’s Bulldogs.

McLean had a solid first 4 seasons in the AFL, improving his AFL Fantasy average by +10 points in every season during that time — capping off a stellar 2018 to finish with an average of 94.5, with his SuperCoach numbers similarly impressive.

However, signs were indicating that 2019 was going to be tougher for the 23-year-old, with the back-half of 2018 already indicating a drop off in scoring power.

McLean was averaging 105.6 in AFL Fantasy and 106.7 in SuperCoach prior to the Dogs round 12 bye, dropping back down to 83.3 and 82.6 respectively post-bye. The scoring dip could be partially attributed to an AC joint injury in round 12, but more crucially, far more forward time — which coincided with a Josh Dunkley move into the midfield and subsequent scoring explosion.

So what now?

I still think holding is the only course of action with our fallen Dog in keeper leagues.

Everything is still telling me to hold McLean, despite him averaging 72.4 AFL Fantasy and 71.6 SuperCoach points in 2019, playing almost entirely up forward. I wouldn’t be selling, but I’m not sure I’d be buying either. The next couple of months are critical. From now until the end of the season we need to see signs of life from this talented youngster.

Single season leagues it’s probably time to bid farewell. But in our keepers, he is a Bevo shakeup away from bolstering those numbers back up to hopefully somewhere in the realm of those enormous stats in the first half of 2018.

Jono’s Jig

We’ve been having a bit of fun this year setting some iTunes ratings and reviews targets, with Cam’s shoey being the reward when we hit the 200 ratings mark.

Help us set the next goal for #250.

Now it’s Jono Crockett’s turn after Cam nominated him as next in line for introducing the Great Northern portion of his shoey — much to Cam’s disgust.

We’ve had a few ideas for nominations, including eating the world’s hottest corn chip, going to a Bulldogs game (his favourite team) adorned in opposition colours, doing a dance routine, visiting Ararat… to lick a street light post and perhaps the most popular option: all of the above.

Help us out by voting below, or leaving a comment for another idea for Jono’s reward/punishment. Remember to leave a rating and/or review on iTunes to bring the big day closer!