Geez! just like that the byes are over, and we head into the back-end of the fantasy footy year. Right now is when you should be sharpening your sword for an assault on the final series – or just trying to ruin everyone else’s year if you’re already out of contention.

Now is about the right time to be really targetted with trades as well to get the right distribution of positions in your line up. Got 2 mids on your pine? Consider trading for a position you’re weaker in etc etc. Hit me up in the comments with the trades you’re chasing!

Eagles vs Bombers

The day walker himself, Matt Guelfi found out the hard way (pun intended) that No Clip is not a cheat code that works in real life; getting slammed into the fence. He went to hospital at 3/4 time but disintegrated under their UV lights.

  • Prognosis – Vampire Dust – 4 weeks
  • Waiver – Will Snelling or Kobe Mutch will go close after having decent enough games in the VFL. Also Stringer should be good to go.

Swans vs Hawks

The big news coming out of this one is that the Buddy Franklin rewarded his long suffering owners with a hamstring injury – and every reason to throw him to the waiver wire. I guess it depends when your fantasy finals start – but after such a shocking year – i’d part ways and try get a good waiver now.

  • Prognosis – 3-4 weeks
  • Waiver – James Rowbottom and Robbie Fox both had cracking games in the NEAFL and will be considered. Expect a reshuffle – would put money on Heeney playing forward a bit more to compensate for Buddy.

Demons vs Freo

After a pretty disappointing year – Jessie Hogan was just starting to find some form, but unfortunately looks like he’s suffered a mid-foot sprain. A lot of conjecture online at the moment about the severity, but I think he’ll be back in a few weeks.

  • Prognosis – 4 weeks
  • Waiver – With Lobb still a few weeks a way, by pure Steven Bradbury-esque circumstances it looks like Cam McCarthy may get a run.

In news that will surprise exactly no one – Stephen Hill injured something.

  • Prognosis – 3-4 weeks
  • Waiver – Bailey Banfield and Nyhuis are probably the only people that will be considered. Blakely pushed into the mid after this… so keep an eye on that for a trade. It’s risky though.

Saints vs Lions

Only one injury here, but it’s one that has been lingering for a couple of years Alan Richo has finally been given an official warning by the Saints board after another putrid display. They’ve given him 10 weeks, but I think we might see a change sooner.

The other one that looked like an injury was Jack Newnes, but actually he was just shit.

Cats vs Power

Really brutal game – with a few big knocks – but only one of any significance. Gary Rohan was concussed an unable to continue. Will give him my standard K.O one week, but I think he might get up and play.

  • Prognosis – 1 week
  • Waiver – SCOOOTERRRR ARE YOU READY?!!!! Scott Selwood was strong in the 2’s. Expect him to come in.

Pies vs Dogs

Jeremy Howe, realising that a special someone was knocking the door down in the two’s, has conveniently injured his calf.

  • Prognosis – 3-4 weeks
  • Waiver – Schaerengoat. It’s time.