Just as sure as Jessie Hogan gets on the tins and blasts someone on social media, we’re back to regular programming post byes. And thank fuck for that. It’s been a trying couple of weeks for fantasy footy pundits, and I hope those that have the bye turned off have had a great break, and ready for the run home.

Also is anyone else sick of those Alpecin ads? Farken hell. Worse than Sportsbet.

Giants vs Bombers

Patrick Ambrose reminded everyone that he existed, by being named as a late out with a quad strain.

  • Prognosis – 2-4 weeks
  • Waiver – Aaron Francis was the call up – and was solid if unspectacular. If he can get some continuity together he might end up as a handy bench option.

Big Belcho limped off just before the third quarter break with a calf complaint.

  • Prognosis – 4 weeks
  • Waiver – Zac Clarke is the only person left. He’s actually been handy before, and hasn’t really had a solo role all year. If you’re in a deep league with an injury prone ruck… go for a speculative.

Cats vs Crows

Not much gets the old social media a bit TURNT than some #dramafield action. But give the guy a break, he got hit like an absolute truck – and somehow still managed to not be overly putrid.

  • Prognosis – 1 week
  • Waiver – I’ve called for some Scooter the last couple of weeks – and if not now… when? Fogerty was ok I guess…

Eagles vs Hawks

Fucking Sicily. Sickdawg? Shitdawg.

Anyway, top tier midfielders everywhere breathed a sigh of relief as Mark Hutchings went off injured holding his hammy. He was tagging Impey prior which is interesting though.

  • Prognosis – 4-6 weeks
  • Waiver – Josh Smith may come in and get a run with role, or they might not play a tagger and bring someone like Hamish Brayshaw in for a look. Old mate McGovern needs to slot back in somewhere.

Swans vs Suns

After being KTFO last week in scenes reminiscent of a GGG fight, Sinclair probably wishes he took the week to rest, after his shoulder managed to pop out not once, but twice within a quarter. These ones can go two ways – they give it a couple of weeks to let the cartilage settle and build some strength around it. Or they operate. Betting that given their ruck stocks they choose to strengthen.

  • Prognosis – 3-5 weeks
  • Waiver – I think Robbie Fox or Menzel will come in, but the waiver opportunity is really for Allir who will take most of the ruck contests, and more importantly just spend time around the ball.

Pies vs North

After toiling away in the VFL for much of the year, Ben Reid had finally stringed together a few AFL games. But then of course, he Ben Reided all over the place.

  • Prognosis – 5 weeks
  • Waiver – Tim Broomhead/Tyson Goldsack will come into contention to fill the role.

Man-child Brayden Sier was KTFO – with Bucks saying that he “was only a body” before they hauled him off.

  • Prognosis – 5 weeks
  • Waiver – James Aish was a late withdrawal from the team and will likely come back. Pies midfield depth is all of a sudden being tested. Taytay still a week or two away.

Ya hate to see it, but Kyron Hayden tore his achilles in his debut. Long recovery ahead for the youngster.

  • Prognosis – Season
  • Waiver – Jamie MacMillon and Paul Ahern were both great in the VFL. Expect Jamie to have priority, but wont be surprised to see both come in.

Power vs Dogs

Robbie Gray did his best Hans Moleman – copping a footy to the groin. Shouldn’t keep him out, but is likely to win the Springfield Film Festival.

Saints vs Tigers

No real injuries – but it seems Alan Richardson is just… well its death by a thousand cuts isn’t it.

Lions vs Demons

Big Oscar Mac completely defied the laws of physics, by somehow getting low enough to get KTFO by a bending Christian Salem’s hip. Stephen Hawking DoEs NoT kNoW hOw ThIs Is PosSiBlE Looked nasty AF. Will miss.

  • Prognosis – 1 week
  • Waiver – I think they’ll run smaller, and avoid the temptation of bringing in Archie Smith.

Dockers vs Carlton

This is the exact moment, readers, where I have begun typing on my phone – because I’ve been forced to travel for work.


Charlie Curnow hurt his knee with a low grade medial owies. Very good outcome.

  • Prognosis – 4 weeks
  • Waiver – oh.. haha… you didn’t think there’d be a waiver for a carlton player did you?! Hahahaha.