In Dozen Deals we use BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD or DROP. With a view based on a 10 team 22 player roster, buy, sell, drop, and hold will apply to players that will generally be owned, while add will go for those you may find on the waiver wire.


This is the part of the year where even bad picks can be good. That is to say, a player can be a bad pick but still give you numbers in the short term. We’re all bad enough at forecasting a whole season, let alone a 6 week period. So go with your gut, back yourself in and take some risks where you can afford it. If you’ve got a solid team, a left field pick can make or break a premiership run.


That said, break is mentioned for a reason, so as our football overlords tell us, gamble responsibly (wink wink). But nah go on and put the house on it, the AFL aren’t getting that big money gambling sponsorship off a couple $5 multis, and you can’t really feel like you’ve won a premiership decisively unless you drag Kyle Hartigan with you. Fast and loose, baby.


That player you’ve been clinging onto all year, giving you nothing.



DROP – Marty Hore

Broken collarbone, fantasy season should just about be done. Leaving the door open for:


ADD – Jake Lever 

Should be back into the side after missing with knee soreness, and will take the intercept role. Better suited to SC with the extra points for intercepts.


DROP – Tom McDonald

Meniscus injury and the season is done. It was done a long time for Demons fans, as we welcome back the ironically warm embrace of Mt Buller. This is so sad, hey siri play It’s A Grand Old Flag in my Range Rover.

Hello darkness, my old friend.

ADD – Isaac Quaynor

There was some great composure on display from the first gamer, and a real confidence to try some difficult kicks. Straight onto the radar for 2020, but could be worth a flier this year. I’d be stashing him on the bench for coverage if he can keep it up.


BUY – Toby McLean

Bit of midfield time, and Toby could provide numbers close to what was expected at the start of the year. Shouldn’t cost you the world, but if the original drafter still has him, they may have been prepared to go down with the ship.


ADD – Sam Day

⅔ ain’t bad. Especially when 1 of those 2 came in an absolute drubbing. Pitching in as backup ruck should help keep his floor up, but Day still presents a risk, but if you need a forward, what else is there?


ADD – Tom Liberatore

Maybe cheating at 80% owned, but if he’s in your league, he’s listed as a test this week.


ADD – Shaun McKernan

First week with no Bellchambers was a success, and Essendon can’t rely on Zac Clarke to do all the ruck work.  Helps that he’s playing in good form as well. Might as well ride the wave!


ADD – Jack Silvagni

Speaking of riding the wave, David Teague thought to himself, “I’ve got these boys”.  Jack is definitely one of those boys. A couple of good games since coming back into the team should give confidence. What shouldn’t give great confidence is how Silvagni has been thrown around positions to find form multiple times in his short career. Late in the year, putting him on the bench and holding is a decent option. 


ADD – Lincoln McCarthy

Linc has come out firing post bye as Brisbane search for a finals berth, and possibly top 4. Getting a few CBAs gives an opportunity to get the baseline scores up, and if he can keep kicking bags, the sky’s the limit.


ADD – Jy Simpkin

Still only a touch over 65%, and looking the goods. I think my need for forwards is carrying over here.