Each week we’ll look at captain options outside the big boys as there is only one Brodie Grundy in each league.  We are going to look at the underbelly of the weekly contests that hopefully can unearth some unique skipper options, including those in the loop hole games.  Some will be risky but that could be the difference of you getting your league win and stay in the hunt for finals action this year.

Captain Loophole

We are just about at the business end of the season and unless you are like DOS, who is trawling the Waiver Wires for young talent instead of preparing for finals — your captain choice is never more important than now.  You might be in a scrap for a finals position, or even fighting for that double chance trying to chase the elusive premiership. And just to educate all, DOS, a premiership is when a team wins the grand final.

This week’s loophole game is Adelaide at home to Essendon. Even if you don’t have a premium, still take a risky option, as it can help set up your weekend.  Plenty of potential options here and ROB (sadly a missed opportunity for many of us) is the best option in this game as he is only up against Shaun McKernan. The Crouch brothers, The Rory’s, Heppell, Zerrett and Dylan Shiel are the best options.

McKernan will be “ROB”d on Friday night.

Best unique skipper options from this week remaining clashes:

Richmond v Port Adelaide

Gun: Tom Rockliff: Ollie Wines is out with injury, that increases the Pig’s time in the inside role and only means a big score for Rocky this week.

Captain Risky:  Dusty Martin.  Was in fantastic form for a month but seems to be sharing more time deep forward and that is not a good sign for constant high scoring.   

Carlton v Gold Coast

Gun: Patrick Cripps:  If you average 160 for the last two games against a team you should be set for a big one, even if he gets a tag you would still think a 120 is on the cards.

Captain Risky: Levi Casboult:  How risky is this, a ton last week as a forward/ruck.  And you only think there is only more opportunities for him to use his big mitts this weekend.

Usain has been overtaken as the best Bo(u)lt on the planet.

GWS v Collingwood

Gun:  Brodie Grundy: GWS are talking about recruiting a 31-year old ruck from another club at the end of the year.  That tells me they know they are struggling in this department… who better to expose that!

Captain Risky:  Taylor Adams: Magnet but has been out for a long time.  With so many out he will get mid time and can rack them up, it is just about the tank.

Brisbane v North Melbourne

Gun:  Dayne Zorko:  With the attention well and truly on Lachie Neale, Dayne has been enjoying his time averaging 122 in his last three games.  Get on if you can.

Captain Risky: Jack Ziebell: The role can be an issue at times, his best and usually the teams is in the guts.  For owners lets hope that stays his position for the rest of the year.

Fremantle v Sydney 

Gun:  Jake Lloyd:  The dockers can give up some points to defenders so you think the best in the business can just get it done for owners.

Captain Risky: Darcy Tucker: (NOTE: this was Nat Fyfe when this article was initially written on Wednesday prior to selection) Dos the editor here, just trolling Statesman in his own article… With the Fyfe injury, we must #honourtheTuck. It’s a well known fact that The Statesman honours the Tuck more than Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs.

Footage of The Statesman #honouringtheTuck.

Geelong v Hawthorn

Gun:  Patrick Dangerfield:  Yes, he is the man, but boy me and captain Paddy do not have a good relationship this year.  I am sure if you have him, you love him.

Captain Risky: James Sicily: Owners will pull their hair out, but when he is on he goes big. Not the best match up and could still have a ripper.

Melbourne v West Coast

Gun:  Andrew Gaff: If any player is going to expose the Dee’s lack of outside run it is going to be Andrew Gaff.  Owners enjoy a big day.

Captain Risky: Shannon Hurn: Has been a little down and received some attention of late but this should be a day out.  Risky pick of the week.

St Kilda v Western Bulldogs

Gun:  Josh Dunkley:  Sydney Swans said no, Western Bulldogs said yes.  Bulldogs win, this boy is a contested ball jet, who can run, tackle and mark the footy.  When full time in the guts he deserves pig status, calling it now.

Captain Risky: St Kilda players: New Coach, new game style, new freedom.  Wait and see, there should be some value out there, even on the waiver wire.