Welcome to the NEW LOOK Centre Bounce Attendances (CBAs) article for round 18, as we move toward a more data focused summary of the numbers, meaning LESS reading and MORE colourful tables.

Well, technically the same amount of tables, BUT there is one additional statistic we threw in there to help with your own interpretation.

Time On Ground (TOG) is also included this week, to give you an idea of which players are spending more minutes out on the park — and hence getting more opportunities to score you points! Alternatively it could give insight into players that may have been hampered by injuries, which in turn could have provided opportunities for others.

If you are brand new to this article and have no idea what a “CBA” is, then have a gander at the example below of the final centre bounce from the Brisbane / North Melbourne game in round 18, following the controversial Oscar McInerney goal:

Animated GIF

At this centre bounce, the attendees for North Melbourne are Todd Goldstein, Ben Cunnington, Jack Ziebell, and Shaun Higgins. For Brisbane, Stef Martin, Jaryd Lyons, Dayne Zorko and Lachie Neale share the honours — all receiving 1 CBA — Centre Bounce Attendance.

If the pretty colours confuse you, please refer to the diagram below to ease your pain!

Thanks to Stevie Fizz and Jonathan Crockett for the CBA data and notes on credited games.

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Round 18 CBAs

Adelaide / Essendon

  • Brodie Smith had the same % of CBAs as last week. But considering that was against the Suns, the fact he still got a run through the midfield against something other than traffic cones is a great sign.

Richmond / Port Adelaide

Steve says:

  • Big improvements for Travis Boak, Karl Amon and Robbie Gray with last week’s main midfield attendees — Ollie Wines (out injured) and Cameron Sutcliffe (different role) — not taking any CBAs.

Carlton / Gold Coast

Jono says:

  • Will Brodie’s hamstring injury may allow Sean Lemmens to maintain his spot in the midfield, despite Anthony Miles returning from suspension in round 19.
  • Brayden Fiorini notably spending more time on a wing than in the midfield in recent weeks.

GWS / Collingwood

Steve says:

  • The two big moves were Zac Williams being thrust into the midfield for GWS and Taylor Adams returning for Collingwood. Both moves resulted in a decrease for the top dogs in each mid rotation.
  • Scott Pendlebury continues to be out of the inside mix.

Brisbane / North Melbourne

  • The dream stream of Lincoln McCarthy may be over. His monster month came crashing down with the less mid-time. Signs aren’t good with more midfield minutes sure to come for The Suitcase (Hugh McCluggage) in the coming weeks.
  • The return of Shaun Higgins impacted Jack Ziebell the most. In a familiar move, the skipper moved forward to accommodate the returning veteran. Higgins attended the final 9 centre bounces, after easing back into the role early. Ziebell, on the other hand, attended just 1 centre bounce after half time — the last of the game.

Fremantle / Sydney

  • …Ross Lyon really loves Reece Conca.
  • Andrew Brayshaw‘s 79% TOG was a CAREER-high — with season-highs coming in each of the past 2 games. THIRD-YEAR BREAKOUT!
  • I may have to concede to being the #inferiorDos, following Hayden McLean’s debut. However, all his CBAs came from the first 3 quarters, with Aliir Aliir attending every centre bounce in the final term.

Geelong / Hawthorn

  • A tale of two halves for Tim Kelly in this game, with 10/13 CBAs to half time and 4/11 in the second half.
  • Chad Wingard is still easing back into a midfield role (only 73% TOG).
  • The exclusion of Dan Howe from the midfield mix (he attended 33% of CBAs in round 17) and subsequent addition of him down back as a late Grant Birchall replacement; helped Liam Shiels spend more time on the inside, while also aiding Howe’s fantasy scoring — playing as an intercept defender.

Melbourne / West Coast

Steve says:

  • Jack Viney‘s early concussion — low TOG (36%) — opened up more attendances for other Dees.
  • Jordan Lewis, who attended 78% of centre bounces for Melbourne in round 17, was out of the midfield rotation this week, instead playing a forward role.

Saint Kilda / Western Bulldogs

Jono says:

  • Tom Liberatore’s return to the side saw 18-year-old rookie, Bailey Smith spend more time forward.
  • Hopes of a Blake Acres midfield resurgence under new head coach, Brett Ratten may have been wishful thinking. The big-bodied Acres still spent more time forward in the first game of Ratten’s tenure.