In Dozen Deals we use BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD or DROP. With a view based on a 10 team 22 player roster, buy, sell, drop, and hold will apply to players that will generally be owned, while add will go for those you may find on the waiver wire.

This is it. If you’re still here, congrats on making the finals. If you’ve just scraped in, it’s time to get creative, and even for those up top, keep making moves and improving. One of the biggest issues I’ve had in previous years is getting to risk averse and trying to play conservatively. Sometimes you have to roll the dice and be willing to lose in order to come out on top.

Easier said than done, right?


How to pick up a player


HOLD – Luke Ryan

Still life left for him. Ryan is aiming to come back some time this year, but given Freo’s ladder position, I’d be willing to drop him if I had an injury crunch or needed the spot.


ADD – Ryan Nyhuis

Ryan out, Ryan in? Nyhuis has been an improving player and may get the spot to replace Ryan. Watch for teams and what Freo does as there could be an intercept role on the cards.


HOLD – Trent Cotchin

One I’m a little more positive on, only a minor tear for Cotch and should be 2-3 weeks. That means if you’re getting a double chance a win this week could mean Cotch is back for a Rd22 prelim.


ADD – Scott Selwood

Scooter has scooted his way back into Geelong’s team after his usual time with the medicos. After a good performance he could provide just the jolt to keep you season marching on. Be wary of Menegola’s return, as there could be some moving pieces to consider at the selection table for the cats this week.


ADD – Bailey Dale

The ‘other’ Bailey at the Dogs may be the one worth having. Playing as a forward and dominating Freo gave him a nice score. Brisbane on deck is a worry this week


ADD –  Jack Bowes

Jack Bowes started the year on fire, before losing a bit of momentum and ultimately getting injured. Now that he’s ready to return, Jack could make a worthy addition for a late season push.


ADD – Dayne Beams

We’re nearly at the bottom of the barrel here. Should be out for the rest of the year. Should. That said, he’s back at Collingwood after a stint away to look after his mental health and with the injury list Collingwood has, he could be brought back early.


ADD – Jimmy Webster

Not that he has been (or will be) any good, Webster played his first hitout in the VFL last weekend and could be pushing for selection. Wait for team announcements to see if he’s in and who knows, maybe Ratten will get him playing like he was only a year ago. 


ADD – Jack Riewoldt

Playing alongside handsome Tom Lynch, the Tiger forward line was a little slow to get working and Jack missed most of the season with injury. That’s the past, as the Tigers are looking dangerous and Tom Lynch will be taking attention away for Jack to get back to his best.


ADD – Allen Christensen

Starting to find a rhythm after a month or so in the side, Christensen is looking dangerous in front of goal with 5 in his last 2.


ADD – Hayden Crozier

Dale Morris down with another ACL will put pressure on the Doggies back line. Hayden Crozier has stepped up when teammates go down and could be asked to take on greater responsibility. Dare I say, maybe the ‘other other Bailey’ Williams?


ADD – Jack Lonie

Backed it up nicely from last week and still low ownership. Lonie has responded with Ratten so give him a run.