In Dozen Deals we use BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD or DROP. With a view based on a 10 team 22 player roster, buy, sell, drop, and hold will apply to players that will generally be owned, while add will go for those you may find on the waiver wire.

Surely less than half the teams are playing this week, so we’ll drop our dozen to eight. It’s an interesting round coming up, as every single game could end up competitive. This brings great freedom at selection, but also some real unpredictability.

If you’re no longer in the hunt for a premiership, start looking at next year now. There will be signs in passages of play, of which players have the ability, but haven’t got a role to show it off yet. This is the time you can build intuition leading to some good picks next year.

And if you’re still in the hunt, even better.

Then there’s those going straight to the prelim…


DROP – Grant Birchall

A hammy in Round 20 is bad news. It’s worse as a 31 year old on a team not bound for finals. I’m no hambone expert, but it feels like best case is round 23. Do you really want to be rolling Birch out in a Grand Final having only played 3 games?


ADD – Karl Amon

In good form, and Port have Sydney, North and Freo on deck. Who knows which Port Adelaide will show up, but Amon has been relatively consistent this season. At 74% owned, he’s a little high, but if he’s on the waivers and you need a midfielder you could certainly do worse than the Power speedster.


HOLD – Dayne Zorko

Just hammy tightness and a test for this week. Great news if you’re skipping this week, interesting if you’re not. QClash this weekend, so if Zorko gets up and plays do you play him? Normally gets some Touk Miller attention, which Zorks has dealt with relatively well in recent match ups. Could this change your thinking?


ADD – Matt Scharenberg

I am contractually obliged to mention that the Scharengoat is ripe for picking now, as the Pies are going up against Melbourne this weekend. You know, that team with Bailey Fritsch as the spearhead. Scharenberg performed well against Suns, and Melbourne are basically the same thing.


ADD – Cam Zurhaar

Leaning more toward ‘keeper’ territory (especially with Geelong this week), Zurhaar presents an interesting option late in the year, especially if you have this week off. He’s a forward, helping keep the bar nice and low for entry into most teams, and his scores recently have been showing improvement, perhaps as North find their style under Shaw.


Provides pressure and gets to stoppages in the forward half, racking up tackles and able to win his own ball, I could see him getting a run through the midfield in 2020. If you don’t want a guy that says “I just love tackling people”, then we’re playing different games. 


ADD – Jayden Short

Highly owned at 76%, but not impossible to find. Short has put a couple good games together and could look to hit the scoreboard against the new Blues, after only managing 2 goals in 9 games this season. And all 3 games at the G, plenty of space to run around and load up the superboot.


ADD – Lachie Henderson

A SuperCoach selection. Coming as a late in alongside Menegola, because Geelong, Henderson plopped out a juicy 87. He’s pretty consistently high 70s averaging when he’s not y’know, injured, and is good value at this stage of the year.


ADD – Mitchell Lewis

If the Hawks can really get going in the next few years, this man is going to be tough to deal with. When they were on top of North Melbourne, “Sam” Mitchell “Jordan” Lewis looked unstoppable. He’ll be a better SC play due to contested marking, but no matter the format, keep a keen eye on the Hawks and the moves they make this offseason (Conigilio? Patton?). Put him in goal, because Sam Jordan is a keeper.


As for the next couple weeks, GWS (maybe), GC (yes), WCE (no) would be my gut feeling.