The Draft Doctors release a weekly podcast dedicated to AFL Fantasy and SuperCoach draft all year round.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at The Draft Doctors! When you manage to escape the family for a moment, enjoy our inaugural “Hot Taeks” podcast!

These are the things that are in the range of outcomes — but only just! We lay out the scenarios in which these extremely HOT predictions could occur in 2020.

On this podcast we also announced the release of the first ever DRAFT DOCTORS DRAFT KIT! Everything you need to prepare for (and win!) your drafts in 2020!

The inaugural Draft Kit will be released mid-late January — stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks and enjoy the holidays!

Episode Guide

3:00 — George Hewett to average 105 – Cam

8:40 — Tom J. Lynch the #1 SuperCoach forward – Jono

13:40 — Jordan Dawson a top 3 forward – Dos

20:24 — James Worpel to outscore Tom Mitchell – Steve

23:05 — Taranto the #1…forward in AFL Fantasy – Cam

30:00 — Sam Walsh to regress – Dos

37:50 — Jake Lloyd will not be a top 10 defender – Jono

42:20 — Luke Ryan will be the #1 defender in both formats – Steve

46:20 — Listener hot takes!


Unfortunately no Statesman on this episode — despite a Christmas invitation: