With the release of the Draft Doctors very own Mock Draft Simulator over the weekend, we can start to get a good guide as to where players are being drafted. Where they are being drafted is called their ADP, or Average Draft Position. This helps drafters draft players they like later, and therefore at a better value. These players are going so late they’re practically FREE and worthy of being targeted.


Whilst he may not be as well-known as his teammate Hugh McCluggage, Berry is a serious talent. Already ripping up the preseason, winning time trials – it’s easy to forget that this time last year Berry was battling glandular fever. Was a high draft pick in the same year as McCluggage, he’d actually scored more fantasy tons after two seasons. With the Lions on the up and with more than 90 mid eligible players being drafted before him, he’s a great option to round out your midfield.

2. SEAN DARCY (R) – ADP 169

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We’ve been waiting years for Sandilands to shove off so we can sink our teeth into Darcy, and the time is now. Finally past his knee issues and having a ripping preseason, the big man is poised to step up. Has shown a great tendency for scoring fantasy points, tonning up in his second game and even pumping out some 85+ scores last year in a three-way ruck setup. He’ll no doubt get a chop out from Rory Lobb, but with Jesse Hogan taking some time away for mental health reasons, perhaps the split will be reduced with Lobb being needed forward more. A great pick for late ruck drafters.


The big man is going undrafted in most leagues, but I think he makes a great late pick. With Max Gawn sustaining a knee injury, there is some uncertainty about his return timeline. If he misses any of the early action, Preuss looks to be the beneficiary. The great part is, that would mean he has the coveted ruck role with forward eligibility – a combination fantasy coaches salivate over. Roll the dice with your last pick.


Coming into 2020 with his lowest average in years, Viney isn’t a target of many drafters. He’s had injury issues, seem the midfield improve around him and doesn’t score like he used to. However, he’s fit at the moment, has averaged a ton in the past and can be assured of an inside mid role. If he can average 90ish, you’re getting a great return on investment.


We’ve seen Hill be extremely fantasy relevant in the past and is coming in off a super low average. Seemingly fit and over his injury woes, there is plenty of uncontested ball to go around at Freo with the departures of Brad Hill and Ed Langdon. If Freo attempt a higher possession gameplan, expect Hill to benefit. The F/D DPP is really nice as well.

6. JON CEGLAR (R/F) – ADP 153

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Much like I wrote about with Preuss, Ceglar looks to have the ruck role at Hawthorn and forward eligibility for fantasy. I find it so hard to believe the Hawks are going away from McEvoy in the ruck, but all reports from Hawks training are that McEvoy is indeed training with the defenders. Now, will this situation last? Tough to say, given Clarko’s propensity for throwing players around in different spots. For now though, it looks like Ceglar is the ruck and should score well.


This guy’s ADP will rocket up with a couple of Marsh series games. Seemingly fit after a tough time with heart issues, Roberton has averaged 90 in AFL Fantasy and also 82. Those numbers are super handy for someone going in the bench picks range. Take a stab and see what happens.

Test all these picks out and more on the awesome Mock Draft Simulator over at: https://mock.thedraftdoctors.com.au/home

Practice will let you see what strategies work for you and help you smash your leaguemates on draft day!