The time is finally here, the ranks are on the website. The website you are on. They are in the bar above this article. Go on, have a look.

Always free, always getting updated, never static. The ranks are sorted into pages by position and scoring format.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast over the last month, you’ll know our ranks are constantly evolving with injury news coming to the fore. Max Gawn, Ollie Wines have suffered setbacks, whilst returning players like Tom Mitchell are getting positive reviews. So stay tuned to what’s happening, keep checking in and seeing the where players move to, staying on top of all the latest fantasy nuggets out there.

Image result for ollie wines water skiing"
Stay in the boat, big fella.

Each page has a downloadable link, so if you want the files to compare or print out or set on fire, you can do so easily.

We’d also like to say thanks to all the people who’ve purchased the Draft Kit and/or upgraded the Mock Simulator membership, your support helps us keep the show going and update our products. We couldn’t do it without you.

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