This pre-season, we’ve joined forces with the folks at Fox Footy, Fox Sports and the Herald Sun to produce a number of articles to prepare you for your upcoming SuperCoach drafts!

Below are the articles penned by various members of The Draft Doctors that are available via Fox Footy for FREE.

The Six SuperCoach Draft Sleepers to keep eye on throughout the Marsh Community Cup

They can score like midfielders, but just when is the right time in SuperCoach Draft to select a ruckman?

On a scale of Neo to John Wick, which Keanu Reeves characters are these 12 SuperCoach fast finishers?

Here’s the truth about the most important position to get right in SuperCoach Draft

If you’re playing SuperCoach Draft, these are the Golden Rules to a successful Draft Day

Trading is the best part about SuperCoach Draft. Here’s how to get the most out of your season in your league

Heaps more on the way all through preseason!

stay tuned right here as more articles drop on fox footy and the Herald sun to catch up!