We’re super stoked at the Doctors to bring you another winner from Michael Berard. He’s taking a slightly different look at the way players score on a weekly basis in AFL Fantasy for your draft leagues. This week, he looks at the extra batch of DPP players for Ultimate Footy – who don’t gain mid. Because who cares about that.

Ultimate Footy have released their new Dual Positions Players (DPPs) for 2020 and fantasy coaches like to get excited about the fresh additions. Where do these guys fit in terms of what they offered up last season? It’s easy to compare those averages, but it’s worth having a look at the breakdown of their scores and see where they match up with their new peers.

Below is a rundown of the scoring for Defenders and Forwards from last year. For those new to fantasy, it shows there were more higher scoring Forwards than Defenders on a week to week basis. With many of the higher profile DPPs losing FWD status this year, there is every chance this becomes a little more even.

Def RankPointsFwd RankPoints
Elite1 – 3Over 1201 – 3Over 120
Star4 – 6110 – 1194 – 8110 – 119
Great7 – 12100 – 1099 – 16100 – 109
Good13 – 2290 – 9917 – 3089 – 99
Average23 – 6070 – 8931 – 7070 – 88
Below Avg61 – 10050 – 6971 – 12550 – 69
BustOver 100Under 50Over 126Under 50

Let’s have a look at where some of the more relevant DPPs for redraft leagues fit into the Consistency Ratings:

Rory Atkins Def/Mid (Average 21st, Consistency 21st)

EliteStarGreatGoodAvgBelow AvgBust

In terms of what he put out last season – Atkins fits in the high-end D3 category. He has shown the ability to put up some big scores (two Elite scores in his 20 games last year). However, he has always been a sporadic scorer, putting up poor performances due to injury and role in the past. 2019 was Rory’s highest average in his five years of playing at AFL level, so there is room to grow as a fantasy scorer. Atkins managed to knock out 97 from 85% game time in the first weekend of the Marsh Series, although, he was likely seeing #moremidtime with the Crow’s regulars (Crouch brothers and Sloane) seeing managed minutes. 

Bryce Gibbs Def/Mid (Average 22nd, Consistency 15th)  

Image result for bryce gibbs
The face you make when you get autodrafted Bryce Gibbs.
EliteStarGreatGoodAvgBelow AvgBust

Gibbs finished with a nice score of 69 from 74% game time in the first Marsh Series match, playing across half back. His 2019 output was his lowest since his rookie season, way back in 2007. This poor output resulted in him being in and out of the side through selection decisions. Despite this, he still ranks highly on the Consistency rating, albeit from limited games. If there is one Crow who could really benefit from a change in coach going into 2020 – it’s Gibbs. He is only 30 years old at the start of the season, so it is reasonable to expect that he is still capable of some return to form, but I don’t think he will get near the 100+ averages he used to provide us regularly.    

David Zaharakis Def/Mid (Average 29th, Consistency 27th)  

EliteStarGreatGoodAvgBelow AvgBust

Another wingman-type player, with wingman-type scoring. Zaharakis can go big, with 20% of his games in the Great (Top 12 at the position) or better last season. Like Atkins, the ability to hurt your fantasy team is there, with 35% of games Below Average or worse. And like Gibbs, Zaharakis has a history of higher fantasy scoring than what he provided last season. It’s tough to see Zaharakis getting the midfield time he once did, which provided him with opportunity to be a consistent scorer. I think we will see more of the 2019 Zaha this season, however, I can see coaches drafting him above where he ranks in terms of average/consistency, given his history and the fact that guys like Heath Shaw and Kade Simpson (who averaged more than him last year) aren’t the most attractive of draft options.

Chris Mayne Def/Mid (Average 34th, Consistency 25th)  

Image result for chris mayne
The face you make when your opponent has Chris Mayne…..and he’s playing Richmond.
EliteStarGreatGoodAvgBelow AvgBust

Chris Mayne is a prime example of why this analysis needs to be done. I cannot believe I wrote that, but it happened. Get around him. Just compare the output of him with Zaha – Mayne has him covered, and many others who averaged more than him. The man with the best hair in the AFL has just signed a contract extension, which is always a bit of a concern, given he may lack some motivation. However, given the fact that he would have been in the top 22 defenders (Good or better) in 37% of games last season, he is worth a look as your D3/D4.

Harry Perryman Def/Mid (Average 43rd, Consistency 44th)  

EliteStarGreatGoodAvgBelow AvgBust

This will be Perryman’s fourth year in the system, so we should be expecting some continued improvement in his scoring (he jumped up around 20 points from 2018 to 2019). However, I think he will still see most of his games fall in the Average and Below Average categories this year, with so many effective ball winners already in the GWS side. At best, he is likely to be a D4 for your team. He is a great prospect for keeper leagues, so if you are starting up this year, keep an eye out for him.

Lewis Taylor Fwd/Mid (Average 54th, Consistency -)

EliteStarGreatGoodAvgBelow AvgBust

Taylor didn’t manage enough games last year for a consistency rating, but he is an interesting prospect going into the season so I have provided his breakdown here (for the record, he would be 43rd off the small sample). He managed a career-high average of 77.7 back in 2017. If you think he can find a regular spot as a half-forward type for the Swans, he could be worth a late pick-up in your draft.

Where these players stack up against the rest IN SPREADSHEET FORM: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18XlVZztOa4G2bEyv7zN1MNcacKK3xTJe/edit#gid=1494691088

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