Not everyone is a ‘premo’. Not everyone is a breakout. Not everyone is a sleeper. Some players just go out there and get the job done, like a cold slab of Victor Bravos. Sure, they aren’t a double hopped, strawberry infused enema IPA, but they aren’t Hammer and Tongs either. They just work. And the reality is, these blokes are the nuts and bolts of your draft side. They have no salary cap articles written about them, they’re not a keeper stash, they’re the redraft heroes we need. Let’s take a look at a no hype legend from each AFLM team that shouldn’t let you down based on where you’re drating them.

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ADELAIDE – Rory Sloane – ADP – AF: 42; SC: 34

The Sloane Ranger has strong history of being a great scorer, mostly in the SuperCoach format where he consistently bangs out a 100 average annually. He’s had a quiet preseason with limited game time in Marsh 1 and dropping a mid 80 score in Marsh 2. Has perhaps some upside with CEY out, so he could get back to his dominating best, but safe as houses.

BRISBANE – Stefan Martin – ADP – AF: 93; SC: 145

He’s no spring chicken but Martin continues to be a rock in the ruck for the Lions. Hardly ever misses and had a nice big ton in Marsh 1 that went under the radar. Better value than ever. Doesn’t look like he has upside but if you don’t jump on a ruck early should be a real steadier in the middle rounds of your draft.

CARLTON – Marc Murphy – ADP – AF: 91; SC: 113

Easy to forget Murphy was a CBA beast in the second half of last season. His average is actually about 5 points unders in both formats due to an injury affected game. Just went through the motions in Marsh 2. To get someone who can average mid 90s in the tenth is pretty criminal. And if he continues his inside role, ooh baby.

COLLINGWOOD – Scott Pendlebury – ADP – AF: 42; SC: 44

I mean, it’s Pendles. Ten straight seasons of 100+ averages and only not played at least 21 games in two of them. In the fifth round. Cheers.

ESSENDON – Dylan Shiel – ADP – AF: 86; SC: 79

Actually produced his best AF average in his first season at Essendon. Is in the middle all the time. Everyone wants to talk about breakouts re Parish, McGrath, the return of Devon, but Shiel just pumps out 21+ games, goes through the middle all game and doesn’t cop tags. And you can have him in the 8th/9th round? M4? Nice.

FREMANTLE – Nat Fyfe – ADP – AF: 23; SC: 8

Amongst all the first round consideration, no-one seems to give a shit about Fyfe. Had the 5th highest average in SuperCoach last year and is going after that. Had the 18th highest AF average, is going pick 23. Fantasy points actually left Freo in the offseason. It’s hard to imagine Fyfe having upside, but he’s just falling into people’s laps in the back of SuperCoach drafts. Handy.

GWS – Jeremy Cameron – ADP – AF: 57; SC: 51

No-one likes taking key forwards, but if you’re going to do it, take one from a stacked team. Cameron was great for fantasy owners in 2019 with high 80 average in AF and low 90 in SC. Is going in the 6th round and whilst people will be falling over themselves to draft Petracca and Greenwood types, the legend from Dartmoor will provide enough value. Isn’t as boom/bust as people may think either and just scored an AF ton in Marsh 2 without kicking a goal!

GEELONG -We were unable to find a Geelong player without hype because of Cam. Maybe Tom Stewart.

The Geelong hype man.

GOLD COAST – David Swallow – ADP – AF: 190; SC: 155

Has played 60 games the last three seasons, attends a stack of CBAs and is in an improving team. Fine, he doesn’t set the world on fire with upside, but if he’s your last mid, he’s pretty handy. Swallow actually smashed the Marsh games with a 93AF/103SC and a 120+ in the two games. Is still just 27, could he go up? Seems crazy but he was in the injury woods for a couple of years.

HAWTHORN – Jaeger O’Meara – ADP – AF: 71; SC: 112

Just the almost 100 AF average last year, actually has averaged in the 90s in both formats the last two seasons in 20+ games. Has done nothing wrong this preseason, just strolls in as an M4 type who is past his injury worries and has just turned 26.

Image result for jaeger o'meara shirtless
Imagine not hyping this.

MELBOURNE – Jack Viney – ADP – AF: 161; SC: 173

Has absolutely mashed in his two Marsh Series games in 2020, after a few seasons in the injury wilderness. To be fair, there’s been a touch of hype about him after the scores and the fact he’s completed a full preseason – but it hasn’t translated into a higher ADP. Absolutely worth a roll of the dice in the double digit rounds.

NORTH MELBOURNE – It’s North. No-one ever has any hype. I mean, JMac is probably going in the last round. Shaun Higgins has put up solid numbers and isn’t near single digit rounds in ADP.

PORT ADELAIDE – Travis Boak – ADP – AF: 61; SC: 65

Okay, so having your *career* best year at age 32 is the sort of thing that gives me chills and makes Dossy convulse on the floor, but Boak dropped that 105AF/107SC hammer in 2019 and hasn’t actually shown any signs of slowing down in the Marsh Series. Rocking a couple of massive scores based on PPM, couple that with Wines unavailability in the early rounds and holy hell, you could be doing worse. Old dudes who lose forward status ain’t sexy but he doesn’t miss, is fit, has the role and recent history. M3 goddammit. His birthday is the same as every horse. Ride the stallion.

RICHMOND – Handsome Tom – ADP – AF: 140; SC: 82

Averaged 91SC after the bye in 2019 and continued his form into the finals with 86, 149 and 85SC points. Haven’t heard a yelp about him re fantasy and he duly dropped a ton (in both forms) in Marsh 2. Understandably going later in AF formats, we forget that Lynch has averaged 86 in that format, as well as being a great SC option. Looking fit in a great Richmond outfit, back him for the Coleman and your fantasy team.

ST KILDA – Luke Dunstan – ADP – AF: 228; SC: 186

I get it. Dunstan isn’t an auto best 22 player. He’s not flashy, but all he does is score, and can really score. His only role is inside mid. He’s killed in both Marsh Series games and no-one wants to know about it. Why? Because it’s classic Dunstan. Scoring at will when he’s there and the preseason is the time for dudes like him to shine when a stud like Dan Han is healing up. Dunstan is totally free though at the back end of drafts, so who cares if it doesn’t work out. If you get a month out of him, flip him!

SYDNEY – Josh Kennedy – ADP – AF: 103; SC: 58

The SC ADP is pretty on point relevant to what we’d expect based on the season prior, but the AF ADP is WTF? An M3 in 2019 based on average going after pick 100? JPK is fit, had a fine score based on PPM in Marsh 1. We’ll see what happens in Marsh 2 but the old dude just ain’t getting the love. Hard to see him getting squeezed out of the middle.

WEST COAST – Dom Sheed – ADP – AF: 139; SC: 141

Coming off a breakout season where he averaged 95 in both scoring formats and played all 22 games for the first time, there’s a distinct lack of chat about the clutchest of clutch players, Dom Sheed. And with good reason – the Eagles have picked up gun mid Tim Kelly. So far in 2 Marsh games, Sheed has scored at least 90 in both formats and the Eagles have outpaced their 17th ranked disposal average per game from 2019. If the team has more volume, maybe Sheed doesn’t fall away as perhaps drafters think. One of the younger players on this list, Sheed turn 25 soon and could provide solid value to draft players in the *checks notes* 14th round.

WESTERN BULLDOGS – Lachie Hunter – ADP – AF: 42; SC: 93

Bont, Dunkley, Macrae. The Big 3. All first round potential. It leaves Hunter as someone the fantasy community simply doesn’t have time to talk about it. But it should, the dude’s a gun. Tonned up in both Marsh Series games, has only missed one home and away game in the last four seasons and racks up disposals at will. His ADP in AF formats is totally fair, expect him to be a reliable asset to your fantasy team again in 2020. Like Sheed, is only 25.