This fantasy footy pre-season we are compiling a weekly diary of the most hyped players heading into draft season 2020!

Starting in late December, 2019, each week a new player will be entered into our 2020 #hypeoftheweek diary as we chronicle all the major names making fantasy coaches salivate — rightly or wrongly — this pre-season!

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Hype of the Year!

Dan Houston

A well-earned reward for a fantastic pre-season of hype — Dan Houston is our winner of Hype of the Year, 2020!

Earning an early diary entry way back in early December, 2019, Houston’s hype hasn’t slowed down since. The #moremidtime appears real, the defensive status is there, and he survived Marsh Madness unscathed — the hype is warranted!

Marsh Madness Part 2

Hype Diary Week 14: March 5-12

Andrew Brayshaw SZN has been going the moment the 2019 season concluded. Our hopes of a second-year breakout for Brayshaw were shattered as a departing gift from Ross Lyon, but he also gave us the pure glory of Brayshaw FWD status.

Brayshaw SZN really kicked into gear in early December when new coach Justin Longmuir revealed that the 20-year-old was in “peak condition” and the #moremidtime comments soon followed.

What better way to conclude the 2020 Hype of the Week diary by etching his name into the archives following his dominant Marsh Community Series — securing his place as one of the most beloved hypes of the pre-season.

Brayshaw attended a team-high 68% of CBAs during the Marsh series, confirming our prayers for#moremidtime — and he delivered with some big scores — averaging 104 AFL Fantasy and 98 SuperCoach points across the two games. He managed solid time on ground numbers in the second hitout — 82% TOG — positive signs for a guy that’s hovered in the 60s his first two seasons.

Brayshaw’s ADP on the Mock Draft Simulator heading into draft season is currently at 101 in AFL Fantasy and 118 in SuperCoach.

Darcy Macpherson

The D-Mac hype came out of nowhere, but Darcy MARSHpherson took the pre-season comp by the balls and made us reconsider his rank.

Despite attending just ONE cenre bounce across Gold Coast’s two Marsh Series games, Macpherson went huge in both contests.

Marsh 1 D-Mac notched 31 disposals, six marks, six tackles, 14 contested possessions for 131 AFL Fantasy and 132 SuperCoach points. Marsh 2 was much the same, recording 31 disposals, three marks, five tackles, 16 contested possesions for 117 AFL Fantasy and 127 SuperCoach points.

Macpherson played as a high half-forward and floated into some stoppages up the ground, but was very impressive — passing the famed all-important “eye-test” for fantasy coaches.

Whether Macpherson can be a big scorer within the Suns system remains to be seen, particularly with little to no midfield time looking likely going forward. But the signs were certainly #hype worthy in Marsh Madness!

Macpherson’s current ADP on the Mock Draft Simulator (as of March 12, 2020) is 56 in AFL Fantasy and 79 in SuperCoach.

Marsh Madness Part 1

Hype Diary Week 13: February 28-March 5

We are reaching the tail end of #hypeoftheweek as the pre-season comes to a close and the real stuff about the begin! However, this is where the true HYPE builds — rankings are adjusted, draft plans are thrown out the window, and Brayshaw’s find their way into the first round.

Much like the JLT, NAB, Wizards Home Loans, and Ansett Australia Cup before it — The Marsh Community Series has delivered some monumental hype bombs. Let’s take a look at the hypiest of hypes from the first half of the pre-season comp:

Christian Petracca

The Christian Petracca hype was so immense after Melbourne’s opening Marsh Series game that the Dees extended his contract three days later — ruining “contract-year Petracca” for all of us.

Petracca went beast-mode on the Crows, racking up 38 disposals, four marks, seven tackles, 27(!!!) contested possessions, and three goals — registering 145 AFL Fantasy and 188 SuperCoach points!

The man (stupidly) known as CP5 (it works for Chris Paul’s CP3 because ‘P’ rhymes with ‘3’… why don’t people get that?), attended 23 CBAs for Melbourne — second only to Clayton Oliver — and passed “the eye test”.

Petracca looked noticably leaner, bursting from stoppages with purpose, working hard from contest-to-contest, and was willing to go above and beyond to get his hands on the pill. If he retains a more inside midfield role — his CBAs are a must-monitor in Marsh 2 — this pre-season tease might be something more.

Petracca’s ADP on The Draft Doctors Mock Draft Simulator (as of Feb 5) is 92 in AFL Fantasy and 79 in SuperCoach.

Hugh Greenwood

A devout Christian, Hugh was born again during Marsh 1, and rose anew as Hype Greenwood — an elite inside midfielder ready to put up big scores for our forward lines!

Greenwood, whose Twitter profile plays perfectly into the hands of every AFL commentator with a microphone — the opening line reads: “Ex-Basketballer Turned GCFC Footballer — came up big in his debut for our beloved Gold Coast Suns.

HG3 (hey, it’s still a way better than CP5!), clocked up 25 disposals, 4 marks, 9 tackles, and 14 contested possessions to tally 114 AFL Fantasy and 109 SuperCoach points. Greenwood attended 14 CBAs — tied third for Gold Coast — in a promising, predominantly inside midfield role.

More importantly, he managed 82% time on ground (TOG). The one question mark throughout Greenwood’s short but stella career has been his tank. Despite consistantly putting up very solid PPM numbers, the soon-to-be 28-year-old has never averaged over 75% TOG in any of his three seasons at AFL level — including 72% TOG in 2019.

Greenwood is currently going at pick 62 in AFL Fantasy and 55 in SuperCoach on the Mock Draft Simulator.

Hinkley Out

Hype Diary Week 12: February 21-28

Since Dos is away, I (Steve) thought I’d go full alpha on the HOTW article and bring some GENUINE hype that all Port fans want to see – Hinkley out.

We have confirmation from Port dictator and supporter of human rights violations, David Koch, that unless the Power do indeed make the finals in 2020, that Ken Hinkley will be out of a job.

Image result for ken hinkley showdown
There’s a lot to unpack here.

The writing was on the wall after the Power continually failed on expectations after a preliminary final berth in the long long ago (2014), brought in high profile veteran talent like Tom Rockliff, Jack Watts and Steven Motlop, only to abandon the plan a year later and head to the draft. The team’s ability to get the ball forward and not convert into goals was something to behold in 2019, leaving supporters frustrated and confused as they huddled together in their local Barnacle Bill’s.

Image result for ken hinkley coke
Drinking a Coke Zero. How bougie.

In an even more bizarre rant, Hinkley declared the Power would begin 2020 wanting to win the AFL Premiership. I began this article wanting to finish it quickly so as not to have to think about Stinkley too much. Either way, there could be a new person in the cash cow outfit in 2021.

Bailey Williams

Hype Diary Week 11: February 13-20

The hype of the week I’ve all been waiting for!!! 

Bailey Williams, the inspiration for the famous children’s (soon-to-be) picture book ‘Bailey the Bulldog’, has gotten the hype article he deserves.

Williams — who inked a two-year contract extension in September — had a year to forget in 2019.

After finishing 10th in the Charles Sutton medal the year prior (off just 14 games), the 22-year-old struggled to find form in 2019. Spending a fair bit of time in the VFL, Williams managed just 9 games at the top level, with players like Caleb Daniel, Hayden Crozier and Taylor Duryea snaking his spot in the Bulldogs backline. 

This season, Williams aims to compliment his solid offensive game with a more defensive mindset, in a bid to be more of a fixture in the best 22. A fitter, stronger Williams recently said he aims to emulate teammate, former skipper and renowned fantasy gun… Easton Wood’s role in the backline. 

Williams’ highlight reel has the true Bailievers thinking there’s plenty more yet to come for this talented young gun. (True Bailievers would also remember his 56 disposal game in the U18s at Glenelg #neverforget). 

Make the eight kilometre trek just south of Footscray this season to the real Bulldogs capital, Williamstown — 2020 is the year of Bailey the Bulldog! 

Patrick Lipinski

Hype Diary Week 10: February 6-13

Just when we thought enough Doggies were rising up our draft boards for season 2020… enter Pat ‘Dusty’ Lipinski.

The 21-year-old breakout star of 2019 has added a new dimension to his game for season 2020, adding explosive power to his repoutire in a bid to add inside craft to his growing all-around game.

Lipinski shook the fantasy draft world last season, providing huge value off the waiver wire as soon as he broke into the Dogs best 22 in round 10. His early year was spent in the VFL, where the traditional forward flanker honed his skills as a pure midfielder, averaging 25 disposals, six marks and five tackles acoss six games.

The 21-year-old has the traits to become a special player, showing flashes of brillliance at AFL level in 2019.

In round 13, Lipinski recorded 29 disposals, eight marks, five tackles and two goals on his way to 129 points in both fantasy formats. In that game, Lipinski attended just three of a possible 34 centre bounces (a nine per-cent attendance rate), illustrating his scoring ability in an outside-in midfield role.

Then in round 22, Pat showed his scoring potential as an inside-out player, attending 11/32 centre bounces (31 per-cent) and clocking up 27 disposals, seven marks, seven tackles and two goals for 129 AFL Fantasy // 113 SuperCoach points.

Lipinski finished with a seasonal average of 85.5 AFL Fantasy // 81.3 SuperCoach from his 13 games. As of Feb 13, the FWD/MID is being drafted at an ADP of 93 in AFL Fantasy and 126 in SuperCoach, according to The Mock Draft Simulator.

Stefan Martin

Hype Diary Week 9: January 30-February 6 | by special guest,

Sam Porter (@stporter)

Stepping in this week for Supreme Draft Emperor Dos, it seems the excuse he gave of travel may just be a cover. We have had one of the biggest anti-hype weeks all pre-season.

Hogan is taking time away from the Dockers and Wines shoulder troubles continue. Zach Merrett was voted out of the leadership group, while Joe Daniher will miss the first half of the year. Similar story with Charlie Curnow. Gary Ablett will be managed throughout the year, though I suppose at 57-years-old that’s to be expected. And it all started with Gawn going down at training, and straining a medial ligament in his knee.

Perhaps we need a hype now more than ever. At the very least, we can get hype about ranks being available on the Draft Doctors site, so you can see all the impacts on rankings for the above players (and more!).

We bring you the biggest hype of the pre-season so far. Well, physically biggest at least.

10 years older than last weeks hype, 33-year-old ruckman Stef Martin has gone on record saying he feels like he’s 25, an attractive prospect. An interrupted pre-season last year, Stef is back in the mix for a full go at it this time round. The lack of fitness showed in 2019, but big Stef finished strongly, his last 5 games (including 2 finals) gave an ave of 107.8 SC // 93.2 AF.

But like, mostly, look at this:
Capped delts, dinner plate pecs, AirPods; Stefan Martin really has it all.

Still an absolute specimen, Martin’s averages of 92.3 SC // 84.8 AF are  a far cry from the 100 he put out last year, so there will be belief decline has set in. With Oscar ‘The Big O’ McInerney set to take on more work, Martin stocks will be at an all time low. Don’t listen to that. Listen to you heart. Listen to hype.

Oscar’s forward craft and Stef’s midfield nous make Martin the best candidate to shoulder the ruck load, and do some rough stuff at ground level. Ideally, the Lions let The Big O act as a tall target up forward and take the inside 50 ruck contests, leaving our bull of a man to get some midfield touches.

Stef remains a reminder that you don’t need to rush off and nab a ruck in your draft. According to our ranks and mock draft ADP, you could get Stef as one of the last starting ruckmen off the board in a ten team league. Not bad for a (sort of) 25-year-old.

Nakia Cockatoo

Hype Diary Week 8: January 23-30

23-year-old Cat, Nakia Cockatoo came storming in as the guaranteed #hypeoftheweek for week eight, following one simple Patrick Dangerfield interview.

Dangerfield tipped that Cockatoo — who has not played a game at AFL level in nearly two years due to multiple injuries — would be “one of the biggest differences” for Geelong in 2020. Add in the same quote a splash of #moremidtime and voila! A brand new hype baby is formed.  

The interesting part that has been left out in most conversations about Cockatoo, is that Dangerfield was prompted to talk about his teammate during the interview… only after the man in question cheekily interrupted him!

Regardless, the hype had been building for some time around the former 10th overall draft pick; news about Nakia’s good early preseason dating as far back as late November 2019:

The gaping hole in the Cats midfield due to Tim Kelly’s departure at least gives us a reason to buy into the hype. Coming in cheap as chips in salary cap competitions, it’s hard to tell how much the hype train will inflate Nakia’s ADP in draft… that’s if he is even worth consideration!

Cockatoo’s best year thus far was way back in 2016, when he played 10 games and averaged 11.6 disposals, 2.8 marks, 3.9 tackles while kicking over a goal per game.

Josh Battle 

Hype Diary Week 7: January 16-23

As Dilios once said to a shredded Gerard Butler in the movie, 300…

“Sir, I’m fit and ready for Battle!”

Saint Kilda young gun, Josh Battle was Liam Jones’d in 2019; successfully converting from key forward to key defender and having a third-year breakout. The 21-year-old played 19 games, averaging 14.7 disposals and six marks per game. He finished third at the Saints for rebound 50’s, third for intercepts and led the team in marks per game; going at an impressive 83% disposal efficiency.

Unafraid to provide some material for #hypeoftheweek, Saints coach Brett Ratten announced the emerging swingman could be in for an even juicier role this season; floating wing and midfield roles as possibilities. 

“He can do it as a big fella. He has enormous flexibility, we don’t want to confuse him by playing him here, there and everywhere, but he is probably your ultimate swingman.”

Brett Ratten on Battle’s potential midfield role in 2020.

Unfortunately, Ratten dropped the ultimate insult on the ultimate swingman, labelling Battle an official “big fella”. Neverthless, Battle averaged 68.4 AFL Fantasy and 71.8 SuperCoach points in 2019, and could leave you dancing with joy come draft day if he takes the breakout to another level in 2020:

Jake Stringer 

Hype Diary Week 6: January 9-16

Sometimes the Hype of the Week really does write itself. 

The Twitterverse was sent into a frenzy when news emerged that “The Package” had joined the illustrious list of candidates set for #moremidtime.

However, this makes a fair bit of sense for Essendon. They crave a big body to put among the likes of Shiel, Merrett, Parish, and dare I say, McGrath — currently the $1.20 favourite to be featured in a future hype of the week.

Stringer did get a taste in the guts in the back-half of the year, producing some special moments, including this game-winning clearance/goal against the Suns in round 19:

Animated GIF

Following the Dons round 12 bye, Stringer attended 37% of total CBAs, upping that to 51% in his final 4 games. Stringer will never be a pure midfielder due to his Bunnings-like reliability for a snag, but there is a scenario where he becomes much more fantasy relevant as a midfielder-forward.

Cathal McShane

Hype Diary Week 5: January 2-9


Well, that’s what I thought as well. Until I saw the highlight package of the 24-year-old Irishman, who is in Australia to train with the Crows this preseason. 

A clone emerging from the same weird test tubes Emperor Palpatine was using on Exegol, McShane is the result of a frightening mix up at the lab. The powers of Jordan De Goey, Jake Stringer, Dustin Martin and Clayton Oliver’s head, blended it into one beastly Irish unit. 

Cathal McShane is a Gaelic football player in the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) and was an All-Star forward for the club, Tyrone in 2019. But has been linked to multiple AFL clubs this offseason.

The #hypeoftheweek can sometimes bring us the genuine breakout candidates, while also calling the bluff on those perennially hyped-up players. This comes under a different category. McShane likely won’t even be in the AFL in 2020 — at least according to Sydney assistant coach Tadj Kennelly — but the thought of his dynamic skill set being deployed in our beloved code sometime in the future is both scary and exciting!

Jack Steele

Hype Diary Week 4: December 26, 2019 – January 2, 2020

Certainly no stranger to the preseason hype train, Jack Steele is warmly welcomed as the first hype of the week inductee of the new year! 

Playing largely as a run-with midfielder at Moorabbin, new Saint Kilda coach Brett Ratten has promised more freedom for the man of Steele in 2020.

Steele has played some of his best games in head-to-head duels with Carlton behemoth, Patrick Cripps — and not looked out of place next to the superstar. If we truly see the superior Jack playing with more freedom in 2020, we could finally see the 24-year-old’s fantasy potential untapped.

A personal favourite of mine, I’ll have to Steele myself from going too hard on the ranking adjustments following this exciting news. Jack Steele averaged 95.9 AFL Fantasy and 95 SuperCoach points in 2019, gathering 21.9 disposals, 4 marks and a league-leading 8.2 tackles a game. 

Tarryn Thomas

Hype Diary Week 3: December 19-26

Tis the week of Christmas hype and young “Shinboner”, Tarryn Thomas is our gift-wrapped treat for 2019 ‘Hypemas’.

The hype surrounding this talented young gun is exactly where you’d want it to be for a potential second-year breakout.

With the recurring #hypeoftheweek theme of ‘more midfield time’ being touted for Tarryn in 2020, coupled with glowing preseason reviews from veteran teammates — if all goes to plan — he could provide value as a bargain pick later in your drafts. 

Shaun Higgins recently referred to Thomas as a “genuine star” in the making, saying that the former number 8 pick will be “one of the greats” when it’s all said and done. Higgins also said to “give him time and not get excited early” — but with Thomas available as a FWD in 2020 — it’s hard not to get excited.

The 19-year-old averaged 55 AFL Fantasy and 63 SuperCoach points in just 73% time on ground in 2019. Just always remember it’s Tarryn Thomas with 2 R’s — trust me. 

Dan Houston

Hype Diary Week 2: December 12-19

Houston, we have a breakout!

The hype is building this preseason for Port Adelaide’s Dan Houston, who is available as a DPP (Dual Position Player) in 2020 with DEF/MID status. 

After spending time through the midfield in 2019 — particularly late in the season — the 22-year-old is aiming for more opportunities there in 2020.

Confirming his ambitions in a beach-side interview, Houston also got the nod from fantasy-royalty, Tom Rockliff, who name-dropped him as a player who has impressed this preseason.

Houston gave us a preview of what his midfield scoring potential could be, averaging 103 AFL Fantasy and 106 SuperCoach in his final 5 games with increased time in the middle.


Much to the chagrin of INXS, the dream of an Ollie Wines resurgance was torn apart, along with Cam’s heart, the moment news emerged that the 25-year-old dumped co-skipper was once again headed for pre-season shoulder surgery.

The Wines news immediately bulstered the Dan Houston hype, the ever-growing Houston ban wagon gaining a few more passengers.

Then, just when we thought the hype had reached its peak, next up, it was the coach’s turn. In an effort to avoid The Draft Doctors releasing the #KenOut t-shirts by round 2, the Power coach confirmed the hype.

Now the only question that remains is when/if you can get your hands on the #hypeoftheyear. His ADP is sure to put you in a tough spot on draft day, and whether you’re willing to go all-in on the potential big breakout is a huge risk-reward opportunity.

Cam McCarthy

Hype Diary Week 1: December 5-12

The first lucky winner of our 2020 Hype of the Week is Fremantle forwa…hold up! WINGMAN, Cam McCarthy! 

Both skipper, Nat Fyfe and new coach, Justin Longmuir have confirmed the potential move for the 24-year-old — yet another player to be receiving “more midfield time” in 2020! 

McCarthy played 12 games in 2019, averaging 56.3 AFL Fantasy and 53.2 SuperCoach points while booting 19 goals. His season-high in both formats came in round 1, where he kicked 5 snags and piled on 109 AFL Fantasy and 121 SuperCoach points.

Send your #hypeoftheweek nominations to @HKDos on Twitter — let’s conquer the hype together in 2020!