Well shit.
Maybe this should have been expected, but it still hurts. Conna McKenna testing positive for COVID gives us all a stark reminder that all of this may be taken away.

We need to treat each week of football like the gift that it is, embracing the light that comes from our Suns. As we read from a passage out of the book of Stevie 3:69 – “Swallow found Weller and told him, ‘We have found the one Dewy wrote about in the Law, and about whom the prophets also wrote—Rowell of Oakleigh, the sun of the Gold Coast.’”

Hallowed be thy name

Thankfully, Covid McKenna was kind enough to cancel his game to put the Suns on in prime time, but there are some ramifications. Every fantasy league has handled the Essendon/Melbourne game differently, with UF and AFLF actually providing some sort of make up score, which is nice.

Over at SuperCoach headquarters, the lone intern that avoided the axe has seemed to have forgotten that they run a draft competition and no communication has been made over what’s happening. Teams just copped 0s for the game. The best part, if there’s a make up game midweek, it sounds like the Essendon and Melbourne players will get both scores in the same round. Yeah. Maybe they could’ve saved money if they cut back on the office cocaine supply instead of the rational thought division. But hey, Why ruin one round when you can ruin two.

So if you play SC draft, maybe pick up a couple Bombers and Demons just in case.

For those new to Dozen Deals, we dive into players worth adding (that are under 65% owned in Ultimate Footy), players you should drop or hold, as well as players you might want to buy or sell in a trade. To keep it semi consistent, a 10 team 22 player format is the standard, but all leagues should be able to find value here.

It’s difficult to find trades right now, how can you tell if a player is having a hot or cold streak, or whether the massive disruption to routine and shorter quarters are impacting their style of play? As a result, a lot of coaches may be clamming up and less willing to take risks, so we’ll be spending time looking for some good waiver wire adds to bolster our teams, but if you’ve got any specific trade questions, let us know in the comments and we can take a deeper dive!

Let’s get into it.

Dyson Heppell DROP
Ankle fracture, likely to miss most if not all of whatever season we have. Given the uncertainty of if the season will even finish, I’d pick someone else up.

Zac Fisher ADD
The Blues were without Fish in their big win over Geelong, so Teague may be hesitant to pull the trigger on bringing Fisher straight back from his ankle injury, but he should be up for selection. Could replace someone like Cunningham, and if Essendon play this week, it will be without a backline…

Michael Gibbons ADD
Which also brings us to Gibbons. Playing most small forward under Bolton, Gibbo has been given more freedom to push into the midfield, and his past 2 games have had some healthy numbers. While he’s a little bit of a risk to drop a 20-30 point game, the Essendon match up with Eddie Betts running free should leave Gibbons open to find the ball.
Oh and there’s this big fella called Levi Casboult who may make a decent one week streamer if they don’t have a first rate defence. Man has hands like oven mitts.

Jesse Hogan ADD
This is a weird year. I’m not sold on Hogan, but he’s slowly finding a home on many teams. A stinker on Sunday may slow that down, but as Freo start to lose grip on their season, could rookie coach Longmuir look to Jesse to get up the ground more? Tall forwards just aren’t able to get it done so far this year, and of all the teams that could move some pieces, a young winless team is one of them.

Jake Carlisle ADD
Normally more of a SuperCoach prospect, Carlisle has put up a good fantasy score of 88 over the weekend. While this doesn’t seem likely to continue, he’s a good SC pick and a depth pick up in larger leagues.

Trent McKenzie ADD
The superboot in defence. 16 disposals, 16 kicks. You love to see it. Nothing too crazy in scoring as Port has plenty of half backs to carry out of defence, but McKenzie has been scoring consistently.

Aaron Hall ADD
Why must we dance this dance every year. Look. He’s going to get injured. Let’s get that out of the way now. He might disappear in games. But he can give you a boost if you’ve got an injured mid and need to cover a spot for a bit, because when Hall gets on a run, he can put up some big numbers.

Aaron vandenBerg ADD
Doubly so for SC teams. After an extremely long layoff with foot issues, vandenBerg seems poised to finally make it back into the Dees lineup. Cruel that he missed out on Sunday, but he performed well in match sim last week and another week of practice under his belt can’t hurt. 24% owned, he shoudl be around in deeper leagues.

Liam Baker ADD

Family issues held him out of Thursday nights game, a shame as defenders for Richmond were the only ones with the footy. It does however mean that if you didn’t get him, now’s your chance as he’s been dropped by a few teams, down from 70% to 60% owned. He did travel to WA, but an exception from the 2 week quarantine in WA hopefully means he’ll be back to playing this week.

Jackson Hately – ADD

Got his chance as a result of Josh Kelly missing, and you’d expect last in, first out. But with Whitfield under a cloud and Hately being one of GWS best in a dispiriting loss, you can make a case for him. Hately excelled in pre season and looks like another in a long list of great GWS mids. If the only issue is whether he’s in the team, he’s worth picking up and waiting til Thursday night to find out.

Isaac Smith BUY
Here’s one for the “shorter quarters” bucket. Is Isaac Smith built for this type of game? He is a burst player, and showed that against Richmond, getting 17 touches in one 18 minute stretch. Longer quarter breaks help too. Only averaging 79, 31 years old, and not in the top echelon of players; he is an achievable trade target.

In fact when it comes to trades, the +30 crowd may be a viable option. Just be warned, if any teams have mid week games like Essendon, there may be older players getting rested.

Matt Rowell SELL(?)
Could you relly sell? All I know is hype matters with trades. There isn’t anyone with more hype than Rowell. An 18 year old with the head of a 16 year old and the body of a 27 year old, Rowell has made veterans look foolish. Will he keep it up all year? Once again, does the game length help? It’s worth exploring options to see if someone has gone overboard, but feel comfortable just hanging along if no one has gone delusional just yet. Hype is a dangerous drug, but I can’t stop pumping that shit into my veins every week.