Statesman’s Skippers Round 4 2020

Each week we’ll look at captain options outside the big boys as there is only one Brodie Grundy in each league.  So, we are going to look at the underbelly of the weekly contests that hopefully can unearth some unique skipper options, including those in the loop hole games.  Some will be risky but that could be the difference of you getting your league win and stay in the hunt for finals action this year.

Captain Loophole

For most of this season we will have a double chance for the loophole captain, therefore every single team should have genuine captain option, if you are smart to should be able to gain a win or two this season by using your vice-captain and bench loopholes.  Use your waivers and gain the edge.

This week we have a bumper version of Vice-Captain Options.  Lead of course by Brodie Grundy who will play against Sam Jacobs who has been giving massive scores away since the return from the break.  Jackson Macrae, Jake Lloyd, Luke Parker, Bonts (if not tagged), Cogs, Sidey, Kelly, Adams, Pendles and do be honest a very long list continues. Ensure you pick one and hopefully start the week well.

Best unique skipper options from this week remaining clashes:

Port Adelaide v West Coast Eagles

Gun: Andrew Gaff:   Thought that most of the boys that used their tank to rack up the points would suffer with the shorter quarters. It has been the case for many but not Andrew Gaff, currently the competitions second highest scorer.

Captain Risky:  Ollie Wines: He would have been a bargain in your draft and now might be a good risky captain option as the big bodied mids seem to be scoring well against the Eagles.

St Kilda v Richmond

Gun: Bachar Houli: I have underrated this bloke for far too long. The vision of this game last week just showed how hard he runs to provide an option for his club, no wonder he has injuries. Gun.

Captain Risky: Zac Jones:  Was a captain risky last week and pumped out a 66.  But they were hammered by Collingwood so gets another crack against a team that gives up points. 

Essendon v Carlton

Gun:  Patrick Cripps:  Back in great form last week and suspect that he will have a free reign this weekend, if so he should go huge.

Captain Risky: Darcy Parish: This one is just for Warnie who selected him in AFL Fantasy week one when he was stuck up forward.  Now it is very risky, but I am guessing with his hot last quarter against the swans and the fact that the skipper is out injured he plays in the guts.  If so great reward for his owners.

Gold Coast v Fremantle

Gun: Nat Fyfe:  A superstar we all know that, if you have him you should never be afraid of putting the Captain badge, although he is and will always be a better supercoach scorer.

Captain Risky: Charles BRowellow: His is risky only because its his fourth match, Wow what a gun this kid is.  It is simply amazing how much improvement a player can make to a club. Noting he is not the only improvement at the club but what an impact he has made. 

Brisbane v Adelaide

Gun:  Lachie Neale: Have I complained before that this is first season in five years where I have not started with Lachie Neale before, ok ok I’ll get over it, well maybe not.  Anyway, gun playing the bottom team.

Captain Risky: ROB: Good pickings for rucks against Brisbane currently so worthwhile punt if you have few other options.

Melbourne v Geelong

Gun:  Max Gawn: Well I am glad we get to see Max again this weekend, and no Stanley he should have a field day, definitely a good week to own him.

Captain Risky: Jack Viney: Will we see round 1 Jack, or will he get a tag again, I am thinking he will run free and rack up a good score, expect Oliver to get any attention.

Hawthorn v North Melbourne

Gun:  Todd Goldstein:  Currently the number one ruck in the competition, to be fair it is very close between the big three and they will all go very well this week against lesser opposition. 

Captain Risky: Isaac Smith: With Titch with a sore shoulder this running machine is likely to be the highest scorer for the Hawks for the next few weeks, although be warned a tag may come shortly.

Good luck in your leagues this week, unless you are playing me!