A relatively successful week for adds, though not all panned out (sorry about vandemBerg, Dossy). Zac Fisher didn’t get the call up but impressed in a scratch match, though sometimes it seems every game is sort of a scratch match. Gibbons went large and Hogan improved. All three are still below are threshold of ownership so worth another look this week.

But the AFL has shown anything can happen, as QLD slams the door on Vic clubs and forces more fixture changes. Streaming forwards for match up plays are a risky proposition for now. But if there’s any new hubs, there could be value found, but first the AFL has to tell Victorian clubs:

I hear Darwin is lovely this time of year.

For those new to Dozen Deals, we dive into players worth adding (that are under 65% owned in Ultimate Footy), players you should drop or hold, as well as players you might want to buy or sell in a trade. To keep it semi consistent, a 10 team 22 player format is the standard, but all leagues should be able to find value here.

Let’s get into it.

DROP Jeremy Howe
Knees ain’t supposed to bend that way. Rough injury for Jez, and will see him out 3-4 months. May be worth stashing if you can hold out that long, but might be better to move him on to get someone that can help now.

Zac Fisher/Michael Gibbons/Jesse Hogan ADD
A threefer! All from last week and worth a look again this one. I do wonder if Fisher will impact on Gibbons so tread lightly here. Or stock up on all the Blues? Hype train, anyone?

Charlie Dixon ADD
A monster performance vaults big Charles into the equation for many sides. He’s still a tall, and he’s still prone to all the pitfalls of other tall forwards, but Port are flying now, and in this season, you gotta grab stuff while it’s there.

Shaun McKernan ADD
‘Ol reliable. McKernan can be found on the waiver wire almost every year, as a sort of discount Mr fix it Westhoff type, who’s found his niche at the Bombers as a forward that pitch hits in the ruck

Jack Ziebell BUY
Played injured (rolled ankle) on Sunday, and boy did he score like it. The final score in the game really complements North, as for 3 quarters, they played like their incompetent alter ego, Norf. The forward line (where Ziebell was spending most of his time) was a barren wasteland, limiting all opportunity. With his terrible round 1 score, and now round 4 score, Ziebell’s average is well below where it will likely end up, so he presents a value option. Of course, he missed the end of the game with a sore hammy and has a history of playing hurt so factor that in when you slide into the Ziebell owners DMs

Darcy Moore ADD
Traditionally better in SC, Moore may find relevance in all formats in the wake of Jeremy Howe’s knee injury. It’s hard to say exactly how Collingwood will reshuffle, but he’s worth an add in SC and a look in other formats to see how he does.

Stephen Hill ADD
Okay, okay. I get it. But trust me, his body can’t break down again. Right?
At any rate, Hill got through his first game back from constant injury, performed okay, and might just be ready to take the season on. At 30 years old, he’s not cherry ripe, but the shorter quarters may be a gift to the aging speedster.

Matt Crouch BUY
Dropped from the side. That’s rough. The superior Crouch (you heard me) should make his way back into the side because shockingly, dropping him didn’t help the team perform any better. Surprisingly, Bryce Gibbs still can’t get a guernsey, making the trade from the Blues look worse and worse over time. All this uncertainty at Adelaide may have Crouch owners feeling a little jumpy.

Taylor Adams SELL
This may be a little reactionary, but with Treloar coming back, we may be at the peak of Taylor Adams scoring this season. They can play together of course, but Collingwood may not need to rely on Adams as heavily as they have in the past 4 games. Being in the top 10 fantasy scorers this year, trying to trade him may raise eyebrows, but if you can bring him into a trade organically, you could just about name your price. Something to consider at this stage.

Jack Darling DROP
This is a rage one on my part. Maybe he’ll be fine once the Eagles are settled back in WA, but sometimes when your team isn’t performing you have to remove the stink. Jack Darling is the stink on my team and he’s gone. To everyone holding on to him, you’re welcome for the inevitable 4+ he kicks on Sydney.

Reece Conca ADD
Getting into speculative territory, as Nat Fyfe missed the second half of Saturday night’s game with a hammy injury. While there’s no news on how long he’ll be out, if it’s an extended period of time, it’s worth looking at some options at the Dockers. Conca has been playing in defence, but can play through the mids if the Dockers need someone inside with a few more years under their belt. Cerra is another option for #moremidtime, and of course Acres is on the cusp of returning from injury so we could see him slot straight in.

Dan Butler SELL
Just coming off a game smashing his former side, it may be time to look at moving Butler. He has impressed in all 3 games since footy returned, and Carlton are coming up. So why sell? It would seem Butler is over performing at the moment, sure, but the real concerns come in with Geelong and the stingy defence of Port Adelaide on the horizon (for now anyways).