AFL Fantasy Rd 6 Consistency Ratings: Midfielders & Rucks

Welcome to the first round of Consistency Ratings for 2020. For those new to the series, this analysis looks at where players finish according to their position rank, rather than fantasy scores. These ranks are broken down to categories based on the season averages.

A couple quick notes: I’ve used the 1.25 multiplier on the 2020 averages to allow for comparison with previous (and future) data. I’ve also left out the Round 3 data for now, once the Melbourne v Essendon match is completed, it will be added to the analysis.

Below is the data showing the scoring brackets and the position ranks that correspond with the brackets.


 Points2020 Rank
EliteOver 1301 – 6
Star120 – 1297 – 13
Great110 – 11914 – 25
Good100 – 10926 – 39
Avg90 – 9940 – 54
Below Avg70 – 8955 – 92
Bust50 – 6993 – 123
Big BustUnder 50124 +


 Points2020 Rank
EliteOver 1251 – 2
Star110 – 1253 – 4
Great100 – 1095
Good90 – 996 – 8
Avg80 – 899 – 11
Below Avg70 – 7912 – 14
BustUnder 70Over 15

The players have been sorted based on their consistency score; the full lists can be found in the spreadsheet with this article. Let’s have a look at some of the big movers for the 2020 season.

Lachie Neale (2020 Rank #1)

Neale is killing it this season, ranking in the top 10 midfielders in each of the first six rounds. He did start 2019 in a similar fashion, although not to the same extent that we are seeing this year. The shortened games have seen an increase in his time on ground, so it’s difficult to see him regressing too much from here.

Jack Steele (2020 Rank #4)

So far in 2020, Steele is putting together a more consistent season. His scoring floor has risen, he hasn’t finished outside the Top 50 midfielders in each week (something he did in around one-third of games in 2019). Let’s hope he continues this form, as he is providing real value for coaches (avg draft position of 80 on Ultimate Footy).

Luke Parker (2020 Rank #12)

It was way back in 2016 when Luke Parker was last considered a premium scoring fantasy mid. He’s started the year in fine form, although had his first poor outing on the weekend. Parker is an interesting prospect for coaches this year – do you expect him to continue his current output and hold, or see the potential for a drop in his scoring?

Josh Kelly (2020 Rank #27), Elliot Yeo (2020 Rank #37) & Patrick Cripps (2020 Rank #43)

These guys can all get grouped together – currently busts from your draft. Their 2019 ranks were Kelly 3rd, Yeo 21st and Cripps 19th, so coaches would have drafted these players with confidence. Lift lads!

Tim English (2020 Rank #5)

The breakout is here! After a slow start to the season, English is really starting to gather some momentum. His last three week have seen him finish as 3rd, 3rd and 4th at the position. The shortened games are really helping the fantasy output of ruckmen, with Gawn, Goldstein, Grundy, ROB, and now, English starting to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack.

Jarrod Witts (2020 Rank #14)

Witts has been the big slider in the rankings after finishing 3rd in 2019 and is going against the general scoring trend for ruckmen. He is playing a little bit less game time than the top tier rucks (averaging 84%), but that doesn’t seem like enough to justify the slide. Does the big man turn things around as the season progresses?

That’s it for this week, let me know what you think, or if there are other players that you want to see added to the analysis @Berad87 on Twitter.