AFL Fantasy Rd 6 Consistency Ratings: Defenders & Forwards

Welcome to the first round of Consistency Ratings for 2020. For those new to the series, this analysis looks at where players finish according to their position rank, rather than fantasy scores. These ranks are broken down to categories based on the season averages.

A couple quick notes: I’ve used the 1.25 multiplier on the 2020 averages to allow for comparison with previous (and future) data. I’ve also left out the Round 3 data for now, once the Melbourne v Essendon match is completed, it will be added to the analysis.

Below is the data showing the scoring brackets and the position ranks that correspond with the brackets.


Points2020 Position Rank
EliteOver 1201 – 3
Star110 – 1194 – 5
Great100 – 1096 – 11
Good90 – 9912 – 20
Avg70 – 8921 – 51
Below Avg50 – 6952 – 95
BustUnder 5096 +


 Points2020 Position Rank
EliteOver 1201 – 4
Star110 – 1195 – 9
Great100 – 10910 – 16
Good90 – 9917 – 27
Avg70 – 8928 – 58
Below Avg50 – 6959 – 108
BustUnder 50109 +

The players have been sorted based on their consistency score; the full lists can be found in the spreadsheet with this article. Let’s have a look at some of the big movers for the 2020 season.

Nick Haynes (2020 Rank #5)

Haynes has been in blistering form to start the season, with three top 10 finishes at the position already, and nothing lower than 27th at this point. His marking numbers are up on his 2019 average (and that’s not taking into account the reduced game time) and it is tough to see him regressing at this stage. A real steal given he was likely taken after the 10th round of drafts.

Jordan Ridley (2020 Rank #10)

Someone that wasn’t even in the analysis from 2019, Ridley is having some sort of breakout this season. He’s gotten some continuity into his footy and has a great role for fantasy. Along with Saad (#8), the Essendon backline has produced some great fantasy scores this season so far.

Rory Laird (2020 Rank #25)

A big slide for the small defender, Laird is suffering from his team’s lack of success. He just isn’t finding enough of the ball throughout the game and has only one top 10 finish across the first six weeks. Unlike his teammate Brodie Smith, it is difficult to see him making up too much ground in the rankings.

Christian Petracca (2020 Rank #1)

After so many years of teasing a breakout, it has finally happened. Petracca is currently sitting #1 (albeit, tied with Whitfield) and should see out the season as a top 6 forward, given his midfield role. Enjoy the forward status while we have it!

Oscar Allen (2020 Rank #11)

Allen has only played the three games so far this season, but what we’ve seen so far is promising. He plays backup ruck, so gets time around the ball, and is handy up forward as a target. Very interested in seeing how his scoring goes as he comes up against some better-quality opponents in the coming weeks.

Jeremey Cameron (2020 Rank #49)

Jeremey Cameron has had a slow start to the season, fantasy-wise. He finished 7th by consistency last season, and we are starting to see some improved output in the last three weeks. Hopefully he can continue to right the ship, as coaches were keen to draft him at the start of the year (pick 72 according to Ultimate Footy ADP) and would be expecting a greater output.