In Dozen Deals, we dive into players worth adding (that are under 65% owned in Ultimate Footy), players you should drop or hold, as well as players you might want to buy or sell in a trade. To keep it semi consistent, a 10 team 22 player format is the standard, but all leagues should be able to find value here.

This really should be the time that footy is settled in. DPPs have been added, teams are hitting stride. We start to see the picture of the season clearing up. Of course that’s not the case now. Only more questions seem to be surfacing. The fixture is a real mess, and it’s only going to get more confusing (I don’t envy anyone deciding how to fit the fixture with AFLF, UF, or SC), players are getting injured, but also getting quarantined and dealing with weird travel arrangements, and the shorter quarters are still making it hard to tell what’s real and what’s a hot streak.

The show must go on, so we have no choice but to keep making the best team we can with whatever information we have. This season more than ever will favour those who are bold, but more importantly, lucky.

Let’s roll the dice on another week, then.
Yup, rolling the dice.

Ben Keays ADD
No Sloane for about a month, and the Crows are about to play a lot of games in the coming weeks. Keays has been given a tagging role and getting plenty of mid time. Listed as a forward should mean the bar is low enough for him to get over each week. A bit of filler, but hey, sometimes you need filler. Otherwise Oreo’s would just be chocolate biscuits.

Will Hayward ADD
Heeney’s injury hurt a lot of teams, and a lot more hearts. Will Hayward rise up and take over? Almost certainly not, but hey, he’s damaging with the ball, and no longer playing in defence which didn’t really seem to suit his style.

Peter Ladhams ADD
As it was foretold. Ladhams szn has arrived. Well, at least until Lycett returns from a knee injury. Being able to slot into a forward line makes Ladhams a much more enticing option, especially if the Power look to play it safe with Lycett during the extended few rounds we’re sure to see.

Josh Caddy DROP
Has done a hammy at the worst time, wasn’t really hitting his peak yet either. You’re better off being bold on the waiver wire.

Jordan De Goey DROP
This one might be more of a risk. The outlook is much worse than Caddy’s, being 6-8 weeks recovering from surgery on a tendon in his knuckle, yet De Goey has been much more damaging when he plays. Given how this year has panned out, holding on isn’t a bad option, it may even be the best. If you’ve got depth to cover him, hang on and see if he makes a quick recovery.

Jordan Dawson BUY
Got the hype treatment pre season, but hasn’t eventuated. There may be a few disappointed Dawson owners just looking for an excuse to sell him off to anyone that asks. Dawson is still playing a swingman role, and as the Swans collapse, Dawson could find himself taking on more responsibility. A risky play, of course, but at this point, the price looks to be right.

Jake Lever ADD
This one is likely more of a SC option (though Steven May could also be a decent option in both formats). Still, the Melbourne defence is slowing gaining some continuity after a season or so of a rotating injury door. Lever looks to be gaining confidence, and if the back 6 can stay together, it may mean we see more consistent scoring. The extra game in hand may also help, depending on how fantasy sites decide to handle the Ess/Melb situation.

Jarman Impey ADD
Played a scratch match over the weekend, his first hit out since an ACL tear last year. If you need a bit of an add in defence, he should see his way back into the Hawks line up, hopefully still showcasing the blistering speed that the Hawks sorely need right now.

Jye Caldewell ADD
Plenty of time through the midfield, the real issue will be job security. The Richmond match up will be a really interesting look at the two midfields. Will need to keep performing to stay in the side, hopefully that keeps him improving.

Sam Mayes ADD
Not exactly the best postion mix. Playing as a defender, Mayes can only line up as a midfielder for fantasy teams. Still, the role could be a good one if Burton misses any period of time and Mayes can solidify a place. Picking a player based on getting a future DPP update can have disastrous consequences, so keep an eye on Mayes for the next few weeks. Even still, if he scores the way he did against Carlton, he should be able to carve out a spot in the mids.

Isaac Quaynor ADD
A couple of good – but unspectacular – games have Quaynor in a good place to be sneakily added by teams. Job security is at a premium for everyone these days, and IQ is no different. Noble might be trying to squeeze back into the Pies side, but as long as Isaac keeps playing the way he has, his total of 4 games over the past 2 seasons should tick up fast over the coming months.

Luke Davies-Uniacke ADD
Zac Fisher could be here too. Both players are playing scratch matches and performing nicely, and their teams should be looking for re-enforcement after losses on the weekend. Fisher seems the safer bet, as Matthew Kennedy under performed and should make way, but there’s something about the LDU hype. Either way, it will be good to see these two back playing footy, hopefully at a high level.