Mock Draft szn is well underway on our Mock Draft Simulator tool, and fantasy coaches are testing out all different theories and strategies to prepare for their upcoming drafts. Here are 6 players that are undervalued according to their current average draft position.

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Luke Parker(M) ADP 71

For whatever reason, you the people don’t seem to be hot on Parker this year. Why is that? The role in the middle is there without any competition. He does not have recurring soft tissue injuries that makes him miss games, so I don’t get it. Parker is the guy you can bank on to get you that solid 100 each week. Averaging mid to low 100 throughout his career, would see you drafting Parker as an M2 or M3. Right now, he is going off the board in the 8th round with guys like Tim Kelly and Dylan Shiel going ahead of him and average 10 points less. Grab him while you can and smack your league mate across the head for letting them get you so late.

Harris Andrews(D) ADP 167

Same average, different ADP. I know this sounds like the start of a superannuation commercial, but let’s compare him to Christian Salem (ADP 72) and Bachar Houli (ADP 73). All 3 of these guys averaged 87 in 2020 yet Andrews is going 9 rounds later and you could argue that he is the safer pick. We have seen the scoring power of Andrews over the last 3 years, with intercept marking being a major part of his scoring. If you look at his big scores from last year, they were against teams we’ve said stream defenders against. Someone who can produce big scores over 100 and you can get him from the 17th round. Sign me up.

Rory Sloane(M) ADP 134

You have one bad season as a player and as a team and everyone writes you off. Sloane who has averaged over 110 in previous years and being drafted as an M2/M3 in the 3rd and 4th rounds is now looking like serious value where his ADP of 134. Sloane may have missed games over the last 3 years with broken hands and Lisfranc ligaments, but he seems to overcome them and have a solid year fantasy wise the next. Even though the Crows may be down the bottom of the ladder in 2021, players in that team are still going to score. Sloane who averaged only 88 in 2020 can be a steal in 2021 where he is currently being drafted. If you are heading into the middle part of your draft and need a quality mid whose had previous scoring history, then look no further than Sloane.

Charlie Dixon(F) ADP 122

I really have to do some pilates or yoga or whatever the hell Charlie Dixon did last year. The guy was a monster. Teams were double, even triple teaming him to stop his influence, but he still managed to average 93. Now that doesn’t mean we have to draft him at his average of 93 as that would see him off the board in the first half dozen rounds which would be ludicrous. As drafters we are always sceptical when key forwards have good years if they are going to back it up. With Dixon he seems to have gotten his body right and Port were the minor premiers. He value is there and if he doesn’t work out, package him up and send out offers to your league mates who might be a sucker for a key forward.

Daniel Rich(D) ADP 110

Even though he is starting to get long in the tooth, there is still spot for Rich in our teams. He has been a solid fantasy scorer over the journey, improving under Chris Fagan, but it must be questions on his ability to play a whole season as to why his ADP is low. Rich averaged just under 90 in 2020, good enough to be on in the D2/D3 range and if we look at the mock site players who averaged around the same are going off the board 5-6 rounds earlier. Brisbane plays a fantasy friendly game of footy and they look to get the ball in Rich’s hands. A 90+ plus averaging defender in the 11th or 12th round sounds good to me.

Jack Viney(M) ADP 170

Look I know he’s a vanilla pick and he’s got some feet issues, but that doesn’t mean you should be leaving Viney until the 18th round. Viney had a career year in 2020 and only missed the one game. Other than that, he was playing inside mid, doing what he does best. Getting contested possessions and laying tackles. Now there might be some trepidation with the news that Harmes is training with mids, but I wouldn’t be worried as most clubs are talking up the fact that everyone needs to play multiple positions in 2021. From all reports Viney’s foot issue was very minor. Miss a couple of weeks and then back into it. It will throw a few people off, but I’m willing to take that risk.