Over the years, one of the articles we put out at the Draft Doctors was a Dozen Deals. We highlight players to ADD, DROP, HODL, BUY and SELL in redraft leagues. With the pod on hiatus it feels like a good time to get back into putting out my favourite article to write, as well as keeping my existential crisis at bay for a good fifteen minutes. Let’s dive into some players.

ADD – Brody Mihocek (F) – Collingwood are playing GWS. Collingwood are coming off a heartbreaker loss and a 9 day break. GWS are coming off a 6 day break and a game where they suffered no less than half a dozen injuries. I’d expect Collingwood to beat the Giants given the extra rest and state of the Giants injury list. Mihocek is available everywhere.

ADD – Tom Green (M) – Toby Greene’s son has let owners down in their eyes. I feel it’s a bit of an unfair call, given how many more good contested ball players are in the GWS lineup as oppose to last year when he played. With Coniglio and De Boer getting injured, there should be more opportunity for Green. Don’t expect the world, his kick to handball ratio is still a killer.

BUY – Zac Williams (D) – Zilliams Carlton career has gotten off to a funky start score wise. He gave away 5 free kicks in his first contest, killing his score and spent a chunk of time off the ground in his second game with an ankle knock. He came back on and doesn’t seem set to miss anytime. He’s playing a mid/forward split and scoring in nice areas, lots of kicks, marks and tackles. A varied score build is very nice. Certainly unders and I’d be trying to snipe Zilliams this week.

BUY – Taylor Adams (M) – I still like Adams as a premium mid option, despite having two less than stellar outings in his first three games. The next five weeks for Collingwood look like good matchups on paper (WCE obviously a tough assignment in there) and Adams has a very sustainable score build in a team stuck for quality midfield depth.

HODL – Reilly O’Brien (R) – ROB owners were finally rewarded with a good score after he dove into Jarrod Witts’ legs and put him out of the game. ROB went from another meh looking score to a really viable one rucking against the like of Hugh Greenwood and Chris Burgess. He did actually get involved around the ground, so perhaps this was the spark he needed to get his season on track. I can see the argument for selling ROB, with him failing against two teams previously who are usually good matchups. Need to see more.

ADD – Marc Pittonet (R) – Pittonet had a decentish game against Fremantle and given what ROB managed against a Witts-less Suns team, there’s no reason Pittonet shouldn’t be able to have some success too. If you’re scrambling for a ruck, he should be available in a lot of leagues.

DROP – Will Brodie (M/F) – There’s some pain I will continue to put myself through. Being a Detroit Pistons follower. Drinking cask wine to dull out the other pain of everyday life. Wasting money on TopShot. Playing golf. But I’ve gotten to the stage where I can’t, I won’t allow myself to roster Will Brodie anymore. You shouldn’t either.

BUY – Rowan Marshall (R/F) – I’d be asking the question if the Marshall owner is struggling for a W. Marshall looks set to resume soon and with Ryder away, he looks a good bet to be getting mucho ruck minutes. Also, if Ryder is back he should be able to kill it as a forward given what he scored last year and the way the game is going so far. Not selling the farm here, but certainly worth kicking the tyres.

HODL – Taylor Walker (F) – One of my biggest overperformers, it’s been great to see Tex return to form and the footy he’s been playing has been great to watch. I really, really, really want to say Tex is a sell, but with the matchups he has on deck, it’s hard to see Adelaide if not winning but at least being incredibly competitive and Tex scoring well as a result. The reason he should be a sell is that he is kicking almost half of Adelaide’s goals. That, my friends, is not sustainable. Now, I’m not saying he won’t be rosterable, but I’d suspect opposition teams will sell out to stop him if his form continues. If you can get a big deal, go ahead, or if there’s a mad Crows fan in your league, try something crazy on maybe. Otherwise, enjoy the ride for a couple more weeks. Then sell.

SELL – Isaac Cumming (D) – Don’t have a great deal of sells that make a heap of sense this week, but Cumming could be a good part in a two for one, or maybe straight swap to help fix up another line. He’s returned value from his late round selection, but with Perryman and Whitfield set to return, his kick in duties may regress a bit. That means a good bit when you’re getting around 30 points from that part of the game. Maybe he continues to keep them, but I’d rather get the value early and move on, avoiding risk.

ADD – Mark O’Connor (D) – The nice thing about taggers with non-mid status is it means they’re getting led to the ball. Put up okay numbers for a defender against Brisbane and backed it up with a big score vs Hawthorn tagging Titch. Matt De Boer curbed Clayton Oliver’s influence before getting injured, I’d suggest O’Connor is a big chance to keep that mid time up. Also, be wary Oliver owners!

ADD – Jack Ross (M) – With Dion Prestia sidelined, there’s room for another Tiger in the midfield. Jack Graham has usually gotten a boost with Cotchin out, so he may be in line, but don’t be surprised if Jack Ross gets the call. He was the medical sub in rounds one and two, and managed 45 AF in his 23% TOG in round one. Was apparently good in the two’s on the weekend, so is a big chance at game time. Monitor. May actually have more upside in the short term than Green, despite being the less sexy name in fantasy circles.

I hope that’s enjoyable. I’ll try keep it going.