Nice to be back writing again, wouldn’t mind doing this as a podcast to be honest. If someone could knock up a sweet little logo style thingy for me, maybe I will.

Some hits and misses last week, Taylor Adams going down after being a buy was crushing, Mihocek’s stream was a disaster also. Nice hodl on ROB and Pittonet was a win. In terms of regression candidates, it’s a leaner week than usual as teams start to balance out, injuries hit, etc. That being said, there’s a lot of value going around. Let’s dive in.

ADD – Alex Witherden (D) – Shannon Hurn’s injury has opened the door for yesteryear’s fantasy darling to have some relevance. We all know how hungry this guy is for the pill, we’ll see if he can bang out a decent score for us. The other thing, West Coast are playing Collingwood. Not sure if you’re aware, but rumour has it defenders go okay against them.

ADD – Josh Daicos (M) – I was cold on Daicos preseason and it’s looked okay so far but I feel like he should be due some mid time with Adams missing. Has shown capable and will be floating around on many a waiver wire.

BUY – Lachie Neale (M) – I’m going hard for Neale where I can. Now is the best chance you’ll get. If you don’t think he’ll get better, so be it, avoid. Game time has been okay, performances have looked a little better and has a stretch of three games in Queensland in a row coming up before the bye. My hope is that he can mend with less flying in that time. I buy now as I don’t want to risk a big score to drive up the price. Brisbane still have two games against the Suns and one against North, so the schedule has some upside. There is one other big point I want to talk about but I’ll write that in a sec…

BUY – Zac Bailey (F) – Bailey has been okay for fantasy so far without being a world beater. There is one thing that’s happened for Brisbane to maybe make Bailey a nice little buy and keep safe target. Brisbane have played three straight games in Victoria (due to the match swap with Collingwood) and there schedule to finish the year is now four straight home games. That’s fantasy finals, people. I’m not saying sell the farm here, but I’d love a piece or two of a Brisbane team with a month straight of no travel during fantasy finals.

ADD – Rory Lobb (R/F) – One of the most shocking things to me this year has been Sean Darcy being more fantasy relevant playing forward as oppose to being in the ruck. Truly unbelievable. Well, Lobb’s about to be right to go and resume his role forward. I can only imagine that send Darcy back to the ruck and Meek to the magoos. I also think Lobb is better than Darcy as a forward, so it makes sense that he’d be relevant.

DROP – Nick Coffield (D) – One of my biggest whiffs, just hasn’t been relevant, doesn’t look like it.

SELL – Chad Warner (F) – Had a nice little pop over the last few weeks with a good chunk of mid time. With James Rowbottom set to return, I can see Warner’s scores waning. A nice time to cash out, maybe part of a two for one.

SELL – Jeremy McGovern (D) – Got a bump taking over kick ins from Hurn last week with the old man injured early. Expect Witherden to assume a good deal of those. Some of the intercepters are really taking a beating score wise and McGovern was heading that same way until last week.

BUY – Steele Sidebottom (F) – SC ONLY – Sidebottom has been clanger city. Is still racking up the pill with ease as his DT scores will attest. Expect his ball use to improve to more a career norm.

ADD – Geelong – Vs North. I mean, right?

BUY – Tom Rockliff (M) – Holy hell, he has to come in, yeah? Should be past the concussion protocols and into the Port squad. Will be interesting to see what role he has, but he’s been a jet and should be super super cheap.

SELL – Joel Selwood (M) – One of my late hits, Jelwood has been awesome value for where you got him in drafts, but with the cavalry coming back for the Cats, now’s the time to move. I realise they play North, but maybe that makes the sell easier. ‘Hey, look, good matchup, whatcha say?’

Good luck in your matchups and good trading!